24 Hour Alcohol Hotline

A survey has found that underage drinkers consume more than 175 million drinks a year.                                   Photo posed by modelsMunchkin Management.

A survey has found that underage drinkers consume more than 175 million drinks a year. Photo posed by modelsMunchkin Management.

24 Hour Alcohol Hotline is designed to help individuals with alcohol related problems: alcohol abuse, alcoholism and alcohol addiction. A certified counselor is ready to listen and answer any of your questions, about addictions, behaviors, treatment options, and understanding of addiction.

Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction are now more common then ever before. Statistics showing that alcohol abuse is present among adults,  young teens and elderly. The main reasons for drinking are : stressful life style, recreation purposes, neglect, loneliness, desperation, trauma to name a few. However, those who are prone to addiction do not realize it at first. Some people end up heavily drinking, because they can not stop, and some people find the alcoholic beverages to be used as “self-medication” for their emotional and physical problems.

The long-term effects of drinking are: liver damage, stroke, impaired brain functions and motor skills, certain cancers, and stroke.

Should those with a vested interest comment on minimum alcohol pricing? – The Guardian (blog)


The Guardian (blog)Should those with a vested interest comment on minimum alcohol pricing?The Guardian (blog)Research has suggested that the alcohol industry submitted distorted and misrepresented evidence.

Minn. House backs higher income, alcohol taxes – Businessweek


KAREMinn. House backs higher income, alcohol taxesBusinessweekST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota House on Wednesday approved a bill that would raise state taxes by $2.6 billion in part by enacting the state’s first alcohol tax increase .

Liver disease: New studies demonstrates lethal link between 
ScienceBlog.comLiver disease: New studies demonstrates lethal link between alcohol, weightScience Daily (press release)Women should forgo the wine and doughnuts after a new study found the harmful combination of high alcohol intake and high body mass .

Thanks to rare alpine bacteria, researchers identify one of alcohol’s key … – Science Daily (press release)

Thanks to rare alpine bacteria, researchers identify one of alcohol’s key …Science Daily (press release)Apr. 25, 2013 — Thanks to a rare bacteria that grows only on rocks in the Swiss Alps!

Student alcohol abuse misjudged, study suggests – Daily Free Press (subscription)


Daily Free Press (subscription)Student alcohol abuse misjudged, study suggestsDaily Free Press (subscription)Despite older research stating otherwise, a new study suggests alcohol abuse and related deaths may be more prevalent on college campuses.

When Should You Be Able to Buy Cigarettes, Drink Alcohol, Vote, Drive and … – New York Times (blog)


New York Times (blog)When Should You Be Able to Buy Cigarettes, Drink Alcohol, Vote, Drive and …New York Times (blog)Dana Farmer Jr., 24, who is considering joining the Navy, said 18 Brian Harkin for The New York Times.

FHP: Charges pending in alcohol-related crash on I-75 in North Naples – Naples Daily News

FHP: Charges pending in alcohol-related crash on I-75 in North NaplesNaples Daily NewsNORTH NAPLES — Charges are pending in a Wednesday night crash on Interstate 75 in North Naples that Florida Highway Patrol reports is alcohol related.

Bill 88 raises alcohol beverage fee – Pacific Daily News

Bill 88 raises alcohol beverage feePacific Daily NewsThe Legislature continued discussing several bills during session including one that would raise the rates for alcohol beverage licenses.

PoliGraph: Claim on cost of alcohol to state checks out | Capitol

PoliGraph: Claim on cost of alcohol to state checks out.

When Should You Be Able to Buy Cigarettes, Drink Alcohol, Vote

Do you think people under the age of 18 are mature enough to make life-or-death decisions on their own? Which of these things do you think constitute life-or-death decisions? Why?

Student alcohol abuse misjudged, study suggests | The Daily Free

In time for Alcohol Awareness Month, the nonprofit organization Aware Awake Alive announced new alcohol fatality statistics for college students.

Alcohol and Breast Cancer Survival – NYTimes.com

A new study suggests that moderate drinking has little effect on survival after diagnosis, and may reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Kansas State to allow alcohol sales at athletic events – SBNation.com

You can now buy booze at Kansas State games. Don’t forget to bring your power towel!

House and Senate Democrats differ on alcohol tax | Capitol View

DFL legislative leaders appear to be at odds over raising taxes on alcohol. DFL Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk said this morning that the Senate tax bill will not increase the liquor tax.

How Alcohol Affects Athletes | SpeakUP! Prevention Coalition

How Alcohol Affects Athletes. The American Athletic Institute has conducted studies of alcohol use and athlete performance. Here are some of the findings: – Training Effect.

PD: Woman with two kids steals alcohol | WAVY.com

Police say a woman walked into an ABC store with her children and stole two bottles of alcohol.

Purdue discusses student alcohol use | WLFI – West Lafayette, Indiana

A group on Purdue’s campus discussed student alcohol use Wednesday and what educational programs are being provided by the university.

MN House Approves Tax Bill 69-64; Feat. Tax Hike on Alcohol

St. Paul, MN (NNCNOW.com) – The House is debating a $2.6 billion tax package that includes tax hikes for booze. It would be the first alcohol tax increase in 26 years.

Bhutan’s Alcohol Problem · Global Voices

Chowrangi blog reports that considering the deteriorating law and order situation and pre-election violence the Election Commission of Pakistan has allowed candidates to keep five civilian bodyguards with licensed arms .

Article > Lundbeck heads north for first launches of anti-alcohol drug

Selincro (nalmefene) was approved at the end of February and is the first new treatment for alcohol dependence in Europe for more than a decade.

HEALTH TALK: Can alcohol lower cholestorol? | Dominica News

Today, I’d like to present what may be considered some myths and facts about alcohol, this time in relation to the all-important molecule, cholesterol.

Health-Conscious New Yorkers Cheer Benefits of Abstaining from

NEW YORK CITY — In a city where it sometimes seems booze is the center of social life, these New Yorkers tried going dry — and found sobriety suited them.

Melissa King, Former Miss Teen Delaware, Gets Probation For

Melissa King, the former Miss Delaware Teen USA who resigned after an online porn video starring her surfaced, was given a year of probation Monday. For underage alcohol possession. Not the porn.

Inslee signs laws on alcohol, parking, tow trucks – seattlepi.com

(AP) — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee approved more than two dozen new laws Tuesday, including changes to rules related to alcohol, electric-vehicle parking spots, tow truck fees and Electoral College representatives.

New Alcohol Education Program Previewed at CSL Meeting | News

Representatives from the Harvard University Health Services and Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors previewed Harvard Proof, a new alcohol education program tailored to the Harvard student that will replace AlcoholEducation.

New studies prove lethal link between alcohol, weight – Science Blog

Research announced today at the International Liver CongressTM 2013 has revealed the deadly impact that alcohol and body weight have on liver disease. Women.

UNM CASAA, UNC Receive $5.3 Million in Funding from NIAAA to

Researchers at UNM’s Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions (CASAA), in collaboration with the University of North Carolina’s Nutrition Research.

Baby taken from mother after alcohol concerns | Otago Daily Times

A 10-week-old baby was removed from her Dunedin home on Tuesday night following concerns her mother was drunk, police say.

Cardio Could Lessen Brain Damage from Alcohol – Men’s Fitness

The RackStudy: Cardio Could Lessen Brain Damage from Alcohol. Work hard, play hard. New research suggests that regular exercise may counter the brain-damaging effects of moderate to heavy drinking. Molly Fergus. alcohol and glasses .

Government Regulation of Alcohol is Bad M`kay | FreedomWorks

Regulation of alcohol in the United States uses a three-tiered system that perpetuates big business’s control on the alcohol industry and has helped maintain a cartel-like hold on the marketplace ever since the end of alcohol .

Alcohol policy update applies exclusively to baseball games

An amendment to the university’s alcohol policy will not be used to sell alcohol at Bill Snyder Family Stadium or Bramlage Coliseum next year, according to officials in the K-State Athletic Department.

Officials: Army general removed over alcohol, sex-related charges

An Army major general with U.S. Africa Command has been relieved of his post in connection with alcohol and sexual misconduct charges, defense officials said Thursday.

Lundbeck launches alcohol drug Selincro in Europe – PMLiVE

Lundbeck has launched its alcohol-dependency drug Selincro in Norway, Finland, Poland and the Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Selincro (nalmefene) was approved in March this year.

Officer prefers pot smokers to alcohol drinkers – Winnipeg Free Press

Scott Webster was sitting on the lawn of the legislature, about to load up a bowl of orange kush int… – Local – Winnipeg Free Press.

Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Drug and Alcohol Relapse, Apologizes to

In a surprising Facebook message posted tonight (April 15), heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne has admitted to drinking and taking drugs over the past 18.


@dutchysc no you don’t. It’s like Gary Buesy but with two working eyes and a higher tolerance for alcohol.


24 Hour Alcohol Hotline (888) 978-4179

24 Hour Alcohol Hotline – Looking for 24 Hour Alcohol Hotline? Call (888) 978-4179 for 24 Hour Alcohol Hotline. Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week!

alcohol abuse hotline

Alcohol Abuse Hotline helps individuals or families find the help that they need. Alcohol Abuse Hotline has a 24 hour drug addiction hotline and an alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab Centers in Los Angeles

Alcohol Rehab Centers has medically trained staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Center for Drug Addiction Treatment – (702) 763-5805

The Addiction Hotline has medically trained staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Recognizing Drug & Alcohol Addiction: What to Look For

It’s not always easy to tell if someone is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Understanding what behaviors and symptoms to look for when assessing addiction.