Addiction Prescription Pain Pills

drug-abuse-sketch-28116007Addiction Prescription Pain Pills: The Different Signs You Need To Look Out For

Prescription pain pills are the most frequently abused type of drugs in the United States. Out of the 14,000 deaths related to overdose that happen in the US the past year, about 40% of those is caused by painkiller overdose. This is according to the report released by the Center for Disease Control. The reason for this is that a drug addict has many options when it comes to addiction prescription pain pills. Aside from morphine, a drug addict can also try other brands of prescription pain pills like Percodan, Hydrocodone, Codeine, Propoxyphene and Meperidine to name a few.

People who have loved ones who are suffering from drug addiction problems should call a drug abuse treatment facility like the Treatment Center of Anaheim CA. By doing so, people will not only be able to seek intervention for their loved ones suffering from drug abuse problems but they can also be educated on the signs of addiction prescription pain pills.

Physical Signs Of Addiction

It is important to look for the physical addiction prescription pain pills signs because this is the most obvious signs of addiction. A person who is suffering from addiction problems towards pain pills feels drowsy most of the time. They also have display slowed breathing and slow movements and reactions which is the common effect of the painkillers which blocks brain receptors to avoid pain. Since the drug addict focuses his or her existence to the drug, the physical look of the person also changes as hygiene is no longer one of the focus of the drug addict.

Behavioral Signs Of Addiction

Another important sign of addiction prescription pain pills that you need to consider are the behavioral signs. The behavioral signs include reduced social interaction, anxiety, apathy, depression. Those who suffer from drug addiction also become secretive towards their peers and family. They are also prone to visiting different doctors to seek different opinions to get stronger pills even if they no longer need medication. If there is a rapid change in the behavior of the person, then you should suspect that there is something wrong. You can call a drug treatment facility like the Treatment Center of Anaheim CA to confirm your suspicions.

Treatment Considerations For Pain Pill Addiction

It is also important to discuss the addiction prescription pain pills treatments that are available for drug abuse patients. Seeking a good rehabilitation program is very important to prevent the patient from experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms as well as relapses. Treatment programs that patients need to undergo include detoxification, counseling and other types of therapies.

Seeking the right solution towards addiction prescription pain pills can be very challenging but it is important for people to become educated first by learning the different signs of painkiller addiction. For more information, we can help you by calling us at (855) 937-7342.

We would like to thank Dr. Michael J. Austin form the University of California for his study on drug abuse particularly on prescription medicines. We also would like to encourage people to do their share in preventing drug abuse problems by calling the nearest treatment facility.

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