Addiction Treatment Centers in Newark NJ

Prescription-Drug-Abuse-US-LegislationAddiction is a treatable psychological disease though it is difficult to treat. Such treatment becomes easy once the patient himself wishes to come out of the death trap of addiction. Substance or drug addiction is the compulsive urge to consume a substance even though the individual knows the consequences regarding such consumption. Addiction not only affects the individual’s health but it also affects the mental, emotional, financial and spiritual health of the individual.

With regular intake and consumption of such substances, the body generates a tolerance for such substances and thus when the individual plans to get away from addiction the body starts reacting negatively. These negative reactions are known as withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms vary from patient to patient can range from headache to dizziness to reduction in mental alertness and increase in blood pressure and heart rate. At times, the withdrawal symptoms can also be fatal.
Addiction is more in case of substances which directly affect the nervous system of the body such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, anti depressants, stimulants, pain relievers, morphine and marijuana. Addiction is faster and stronger in case the substance is inhaled or injected. Addiction can be traced to a family history of addiction, neglected or abused childhood and recent history of psychological distress causing stress or depression.
Addiction is a menace to the society and thus needs to be cured as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of the substance, quantity of the substance and duration of the substance addiction, treatment would vary from person to person. In case the patient is stable and strong enough to handle the urge of consumption, he can be treated at an out-patient facility. At such a facility, the patient need not get admitted but requires attending regular sessions of counseling and medications either on a one-to one basis or in a group at a time convenient to him while continuing with his normal life. Some people just need to call an Addiction Hotline by calling (855) YES-REHAB
In case the patient needs regular medical attention and isolation from the source of substance, he needs to be treated at an in-patient facility which is also known as rehabilitation centers. The patients receive holistic treatment which includes healing of the body, mind and soul here and also receives counseling and guidance for leading a normal life without the substance. Such treatments are also provided at the recovery houses or sober houses. Addiction has severe chances of relapse and thus after therapy consultations also become important to help the patients come out of addiction. Various treatment centers providing in-patient or out-patient or both facilities are available at Newark, New Jersey. You might want to consider a professional at the Addiction Hotline Intervention Program.