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Renewing your family life after alcohol treatment program

addiction-recoveryAn alcohol treatment program is just the first step in your recovery. If you’ve already completed a program and are now actively working your recovery, you probably have a sponsor and are attending aftercare and meetings.

Drug Alcohol Treatment Center Orange County: C Everett Koop’s

Drug Alcohol Treatment Center Orange County. At our drug and alcoholism treatment center, we believe in our patients’ ability to succeed. With the help of our outstanding staff, we support our patients’ growth and recovery.

Article > Treatment for alcoholism ‘would save thousands’

At the moment less than 10% of people dependent on alcohol in the EU are offered treatment with cognitive/behavioural therapy or drugs, but boosting that to 40 per cent would save 11,700 lives each year, according to a


51 dead, incl. 2 women frm suspected methanol poisoning in illicitly brewed local alcohol known as bokha. +300 in treatment. #Libya #tripoli

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Moderation – An Emerging Alcohol Treatment Option: The idea that moderating alcohol abuse is possible has neve…

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just started a thread at Recovery Found Easy – Alcohol Drug Mental Health Treatment:

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Alcohol Treatment | Addiction Hotline

Obviously alcohalism hotlines is a not spelled correct and should be alcoholism hotlines. Depending on who is calling and the state of the individual

Whitney Houston Seeking Rehab For Drug And Alcohol Treatment


Whitney Houston’s struggle with addiction is far from over, it seems. A representative for the Bodyguard singer/actress, who just last week performed on stage.

12 steps,Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers and Sober Living


A Sober Living can provide addicts and alcoholics a great experience to build a solid foundation in recovery after completing a program at a Drug Rehab or a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center.The point of view for this article

How to Choose the Right Drug and Alcohol Treatment


The key questions to ask when choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center, and the main differences between the different types of treatments.