Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline

drug-abuse3Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline is designed to help those individuals who believe that they have problem with alcohol, and they would like to talk with a staff member regarding how to achieve sobriety. If you are looking for information about Alcoholics Anonymous, or about their meetings in Los Angeles  are, you can call (800) 923-8722.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with one another, to recover from alcohol addiction.

How does someone recognizes that they have alcohol problem?

1. Someone who drinks during the day and at night.

2. Someone who hides his or hers drinking from their family member.

3. Someone who spends their time thinking about getting drunk, and getting more alcohol beverages.

4. Someone who gets defensiveness if a family member expresses a concern about their drinking.

5. Someone who neglects their daily responsibility in order to get drunk.

6. Someone who has black outs during their drinking.

7. Someone who only goes out to places where they serve alcohol.

8. Someone who uses alcohol to help them relax and or sleep.

If you or your family member is experiencing any of these signs of alcoholism  you  may need to call our Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline.

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