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drug_abuse1Addiction to anything beyond control is harmful. It not only harms the individual but affects the society at large. Specifically when addiction is to a harmful substance, it is even more harmful. Such addiction is also known as substance or drug abuse or addiction. This substance abuse goes to an extent that the patient has a compulsive urge to consume the substance even when that individual knows that such a substance harms the physical, metal, financial and emotional health of the individual.

The compulsive urge is so severe that in case the individual wishes to come out of such addiction, there are grave withdrawal symptoms. Such symptoms can range from headaches, dizziness to severe rise in blood pressure and heart beat rate. At times, the withdrawal symptoms can also go out of hand and prove to be fatal for the individual.

Addiction is more common to individuals who have either faced a neglected and abused childhood or has a family history of addiction. Addiction is also widely found in patients who have had a psychological turbulence in the history which has either led to stress or depression. Once the patient realizes the after effects of addiction and wants to get out of it, it is easier to treat the patient and relieve him of this addiction. The patient then needs to be administered professional help in order to help him recover. This professional help can be either provided at an out-patient facility where the patient can receive regular counseling and medical help either individually or in groups while continuing with his regular life.
In case of more severe addiction, the patient usually needs to be constantly monitored by the physician and thus needs to be treated at an in-patient facility which is also known as the rehabilitation homes. Such patients also need to be isolated from the source of substance and thus the rehabilitation homes also help in isolating such patients. The addiction treatment generally includes a holistic treatment which holistically aims to heal the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health of the patients thus enabling them to lead a normal life once they are out of the rehabilitation centers, that too without the use of such substances.
This is fairly a common problem across the globe and thus there are various treatment facilities providing the best services and operating locally to help the people of that locality. Many such treatment facilities are available in Pittsburgh as well in order to help the residents of Pittsburgh.