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You can quit your heroin addiction and get sober with the right friends and treatmentDrug addiction or substance addiction is a psychological disorder where an individual has a compulsive urge to consume a particular substance even though the individual realizes the consequences of such consumption. The individual is heavily dependent on such substances. The substances most likely to cause addiction include substances such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, morphine, anti depressants, stimulants, pain relievers and many more, which ideally affects the nervous system of the body. The patient might feel that the substance relives him of his pain but actually the substance slows the functioning of the brain thus the reaction to stimulus is delayed.

With regular consumption of such substances, the body develops a tolerance level and thus when the individual decides to withdraw from the addiction, he might face certain reactions ranging from headaches and dizziness to increase in heart rate and blood pressure. At times, the withdrawal symptoms can be fatal too and thus de-addiction should preferably be done under medical supervision. The individuals who have either faced a neglected or an abused childhood, or had a family history of addiction or had a recent history of trauma leading to stress or depression, are more likely to get addicted.
Depending on the severity of the addiction in terms of nature of substance, quantity of drug administered and duration for which such drug has been administered, the appropriate treatment therapy needs to be planned. In case the patient is relatively stable in keeping away from the substances, then he can be offered the therapies at the out-patient facility where the individual needs no admission to the therapy centers. He simply needs to attend regular counseling sessions either individually or in groups at a convenient time. In case the patient needs to be isolated from the source of substance and also requires regular medical intervention, it is better to treat the patient at in-patient facilities also known as rehabilitation homes. Therapies are also provided at recovery or sober houses to treat addiction. Generally addiction treatments are holistic treatments which aim at healing the patient physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and help him lead a normal life without consumption of such substances.
The addiction treatment therapies also have a high risk of relapse and thus the treatment therapies should always be followed up with after therapy counseling sessions. West Palm Beach has numerous treatment centers providing either out-patient or in-patient or both facilities apart from providing after therapy consultations.

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