Buprenorphine opiate addiction treatment

BuprenorphineMedical treatment strategies for opiate addiction have evolved since the 1950’s, when methadone was first used to aid withdrawal. Methadone maintenance programs, in which patients are given methadone, another opiate, as a substitute for the drug of dependence, have been a mainstay of opiate addiction treatment for decades. Now other drugs, like buprenorphine, are given in a similar way to be a substitute for the drug of addiction. For the majority of patients this is not an acceptable alternative, because the physical dependence continues, and is often a lifelong commitment. For most patients, the goal of treatment is complete abstinence.


Currently, there is an epidemic of opiate addiction in the USA which is primarily being fueled by the overly liberal use of narcotics in the treatment of.


Federal Regulations Revised for Opioid Treatment Patients on


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Please note: this post applies only to patients getting buprenorphine from opioid treatment programs and not to patients in office-based settings, where the doctor gives the patient a prescription to take to the pharmacy.