Addiction Prescription Pain Pills

drug-abuse-sketch-28116007Addiction Prescription Pain Pills: The Different Signs You Need To Look Out For

Prescription pain pills are the most frequently abused type of drugs in the United States. Out of the 14,000 deaths related to overdose that happen in the US the past year, about 40% of those is caused by painkiller overdose. This is according to the report released by the Center for Disease Control. The reason for this is that a drug addict has many options when it comes to addiction prescription pain pills. Aside from morphine, a drug addict can also try other brands of prescription pain pills like Percodan, Hydrocodone, Codeine, Propoxyphene and Meperidine to name a few.

People who have loved ones who are suffering from drug addiction problems should call a drug abuse treatment facility like the Treatment Center of Anaheim CA. By doing so, people will not only be able to seek intervention for their loved ones suffering from drug abuse problems but they can also be educated on the signs of addiction prescription pain pills.
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