Marijuana and Teens

marijuana-teenMarijuana is one of the most common drugs of abuse among teens. A mix of dried pieces of leaves, seeds, stems and flowers, marijuana is usually smoked by teenagers, but it can be ingested in baked goods and other food items as well.

Many parents believe that marijuana use among teens is relatively harmless, a “rite of passage” that many of them say they indulged in and survived without a problem. However, today’s marijuana strands have a much higher amount of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in the drug, as compared to the versions available in the 1970s. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that, on average, today’s marijuana contains almost 10 percent THC.

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Why should you call Drug Rehab?

drug-addiction-centers-in-floridaMany people find themselves in the unfortunate and often dire situation while facing substance abuse problems or addiction. Many individuals with drug abuse problems are often embarrassed to admit they have it, and avoid asking for help. Making an anonymous call to a drug rehab hot line may be the first step you make to get the information you need for your substance abuse problem. Getting the right information can often save lives of those struggling with this chronic disorder. When you call a drug rehab hot line you will speak with a certified professional who is able to handle the call, and advise you on how to get help. A counselor will listen and speak to you in a friendly and non-judgmental manner. The purpose of the call is to get you or your love one to the right drug rehab professional who specializes in your particular substance abuse problem.

If you are calling about your friend, boyfriend, husband, son or daughter, you can also learn some basics about addiction problem, and how to understand and deal with it.
Learning and understanding addiction as a disease, and a mental health disorder can help you identify what you or your loved one is going through. It is often mistakenly assumed that drug abusers luck moral principles and will power, and that they can stop using drugs any time they choose to. However, addiction is a complex disorder that takes more than a strong desire to quit. Drugs cause the brain function to change in the way that it makes impossible for a person to stop using on their own.

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Is Value Options Insurance cover substance abuse treatment?

causes-of-drug-addiction-300x199The majority of individuals with alcoholism or drug addiction are resistant to get treatment, due to their inability to recognize and accept that they have a problem. Many families opt for intervention to help their loved one to identify and to agree that they require professional assistance.

If you have concerns about your loved one who is currently taking drugs or abusing alcohol, speak to a Substance Abuse Professional at the treatment center, that provides a comprehensive program for individuals with drug or alcohol addiction problem. A health care provider will be able to give you an adequate advice, and furnish a basic idea of how to approach this matter.

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Dose Magellan Health Insurance cover Drug Rehab Treatment?

magellan-logoIn addition to your regular health care plan provided by your employer, you may be eligible to receive benefits through Magellan Healthcare, which offers customers a broad array of mental health and substance abuse clinical management services. Depending on your coverage you may receive referrals for the following services: Read more

Does Humana insurance covers rehab treatment?

Prisoner in prison cell --- Image by © Christian Schmidt/zefa/Corbis

Many patients with substance abuse problems and their loved ones, often question if their health plan covers a drug rehab treatment. Many employers today, who provide healthcare coverage for their employees and their dependents, often opt for an additional substance abuse coverage. Although, the coverage may be optional for some companies, others are encouraged through their health administration to include what is called “Behavioral Health Services” as a part of their health care benefits.

The employees are encouraged to contact their behavioral health services if they struggle with any type of substance abuse or addiction problem. The services are usually are confidential. However, if the treatment is required for the employee to stay in the drug or alcohol rehab facility, the employer is notified.  After an employee completes the treatment, he or she may be allowed to come back to work. Read more