Top Residential Addiction Treatment Centers in Chicago

Addiction to anything is harmful. Moreover, addiction to substance which affects the nervous system of the individual such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, stimulants, anti depressants, pain relievers, morphine and other such substances not only affect the physical health but it also affects the mental, emotional and financial health of the individual. Addiction is faster and stronger in case such substances are inhaled or injected.
Drug-RehabAddiction can be defined as a psychological craving or compulsive urge to consume a particular substance even though the individual is aware of the consequences of such consumption. There is a psychological dependence on such substances and the body with time and consumption develops a tolerance for such substances. This tolerance is so high that when the individual wishes to come out of such addiction, he is most certain to face various withdrawal symptoms ranging from headaches to dizziness to increase in blood pressure and heart rate. At times such withdrawal symptoms are even fatal and thus de-addiction needs to be done under medical supervision.
Addiction should be treated at the earliest possible stages and such treatment gives better results in case the individuals themselves willingly want to come out of such addiction. Read more