Does Humana insurance covers rehab treatment?

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Many patients with substance abuse problems and their loved ones, often question if their health plan covers a drug rehab treatment. Many employers today, who provide healthcare coverage for their employees and their dependents, often opt for an additional substance abuse coverage. Although, the coverage may be optional for some companies, others are encouraged through their health administration to include what is called “Behavioral Health Services” as a part of their health care benefits.

The employees are encouraged to contact their behavioral health services if they struggle with any type of substance abuse or addiction problem. The services are usually are confidential. However, if the treatment is required for the employee to stay in the drug or alcohol rehab facility, the employer is notified.  After an employee completes the treatment, he or she may be allowed to come back to work.

Humana Health Care insurance offers Employers group coverage that includes Behavioral Health Services. Humana requires preauthorization and medical necessity reviews for their commercial and Medicare Advantage members’ mental health and substance abuse inpatient, residential and partial hospitalization treatments. In this case you or your loved one is admitted to the assigned facility, and is required to stay and complete the treatment, as diagnosed by their addiction specialist.  If the patient is able to work or go to school while getting their substance abuse treatment, they may be eligible for intensive outpatient services. In this case, you or your loved one will be able to live at home, go to work or school, and have mandatory weekly or daily sessions with behavioral therapists.

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Your Drug Rehab Facility provider will be able to get authorization for the following services you may be evaluated for:

  • Initial intensive outpatient care. These services are commonly used for you to visit a behavioral therapy specialists on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Initial partial hospitalization. The services are provided to the patient who requires medical attention as a partial stay in the hospital.
  • Initial acute inpatient psychiatric care. These services may be required for the patients evaluated by a mental health provider to receive treatment at the hospital.
  • Initial acute inpatient detoxification. These services are commonly recommended to patients with addiction problem as an initial step to rid body of drugs or alcohol. This procedure must be performed in the in-patient setting under the supervision of medical care professionals.
  • Psychological and neuropsychological testing. Prior to determining accurate diagnosis, the patient may be required to undergo special tastings to identify the cause of their unique problem. Some patients may have mental health problems, which are often associated with drug abuse or addiction.
  • Initial concurrent routine outpatient services. These services may be required for patients as a part of their ongoing substance abuse treatment.

Your Drug Rehab Provider for Humana Health Insurance will render recommended treatment and services at the highest level of care.


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