Is Value Options Insurance cover substance abuse treatment?

causes-of-drug-addiction-300x199The majority of individuals with alcoholism or drug addiction are resistant to get treatment, due to their inability to recognize and accept that they have a problem. Many families opt for intervention to help their loved one to identify and to agree that they require professional assistance.

If you have concerns about your loved one who is currently taking drugs or abusing alcohol, speak to a Substance Abuse Professional at the treatment center, that provides a comprehensive program for individuals with drug or alcohol addiction problem. A health care provider will be able to give you an adequate advice, and furnish a basic idea of how to approach this matter.

Addiction treatment provided at the alcohol or drug treatment centers may help your loved one to change their life, and begin a healing journey to recovery. The treatment may include professional intervention, behavioral therapy, individual and group counseling, medical detoxification, medical evaluation by mental health specialists and other health related medical care.

drug-addiction-centers-in-floridaThe treatment plan and the duration of treatment time depends on individual circumstances, personal and individual needs of the patient, types of substances used, and the level of addiction.
Value Options health plan covers substance abuse program that commonly covers adults and child/adolescents. The coverage often include:


  • Inpatient Services. The patient receives inpatient detoxification in the hospital. Inpatient withdrawal management is rendered as a medically safe withdrawal from substances. Inpatient detoxification is commonly prescribed to those patient with severe, life threatening withdrawal symptoms and/or co-occurring medical or mental health conditions.
  • Inpatient Rehab. Inpatient rehabilitation is provided for patients in need of medically safe rehabilitation from substances. Inpatient rehabilitation is typically at high risk of relapse and a need for 24 hour nursing services. There are either co-occurring medical or mental health conditions that preclude safe rehabilitation in a less intensive setting.
  • Residential Treatment Center Services. Residential Substance Use Rehabilitation Treatment Services are provided to individuals who require 24-hour treatment and supervision in a safe therapeutic environment. Residential treatment is a 24 hour a day/7 day a week facility-based level of care which provides individuals with behavioral therapy in a controlled environment with a high degree of supervision and structure. Residential rehabilitation addresses and identifies the cause of substance abuse, and includes a range of diagnostic and treatment services.
  • Other services include: Halfway House/Low intensity Residential; Substance use partial hospitalization Program: Substance Use Intensive Outpatient Program. These services require less supervision, however patients require hospital visits for substance abuse treatment and therapy.
  • Outpatient Services. These services provided for patients who are able to make clinical visits for daily or weekly counseling and therapy.

No matter what kind of addiction you are struggling with, there is an appropriate and adequate treatment available for you. Start your healing today!


Dr. Vanessa Brown