Las Vegas Pharmaceutical Industry Breaks More Laws


Pharmaceutical Social Media Case Studies

Corporations and global brands have found adopting social media a challenge. Most have turned a blind eye often siting the excuse ’there’s too much regulation around our industry to get involved’. This presentation covers 3 pharmaceutical brands who have jumped in the deep end and done it. The results are surprising and deeply insightful on what happened and what were the results.

Review: Ben Goldacre, Bad Pharma: how drug companies mislead


In Bad Pharma he shows how they do it. The pharmaceutical industry sets the stage for positive trials for their drugs. Unflattering trials don’t see the light of day. This is Goldacre’s central point: evidence based medicine isn’t


Astoria Surgical | The Pharmaceutical Industry: A Quick Fix


Many are skeptical about the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of ways – from your average cynic to conspiracy theorists, everyone seems to have their doubts. And they might not be that far off. Statistics show that upwards


Are Local Drug Controls Depressing for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Are Local Drug Controls Depressing for thePharmaceutical Industry?: Mylan Inc. (MYL), Pfizer There are quite a number of major pharma companies that play in this painkiller pill market space: Mylan Inc. (NASDAQ:MYL)


US pharmaceutical industry conducts drug tests on black women: Dr. Randy Short – Press TV

Press TVUS pharmaceutical industry conducts drug tests on black women: Dr. Randy ShortPress TVI just want to mention the drug that the people are using is Depo-Provera. It causes cancer, contributes to aids and chlamydia and osteoporosis. It is illeg …


Prospect for Nigeria’s pharmaceutical industry – BusinessDay

BusinessDayProspect for Nigeria’s pharmaceutical industryBusinessDayThe health needs of a nation reflect on certain essential medicines consumed by the populace. With the determining factor in the pharmaceutical business dependent on increasing disea …


Creative Destruction And The Pharmaceutical Industry – Seeking Alpha

Creative Destruction And The Pharmaceutical IndustrySeeking AlphaThe pharmaceutical industry is in the nascent stages of transition. Until now, the companies that develop and market new drugs have relied upon monopoly or near monopoly protection from …