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drugAddictionMainFor people who are experiencing mental health crisis, there is a mental health crisis hotline, that is designed to provide a caller with crisis intervention, medication, assessment,  and stabilization. Once the initial steps are established, the patient is provided with supportive care, crisis residential service, acute inpatient service, and enrollment to an appropriate residential mental health facility. It can be the most difficult and unthinkable thing to do, when the family has to call the police due to their loved one’s unsafe behavior. Department of health services offers a detailed guideline to help families to deal with their  loved ones are experiencing serious mental health problems. If you have a loved one with a serious mental health condition, there may be times when their behavior creates a danger to themselves or others. For the safety of both your loved one and your family, police intervention may be required. You may expect that your loved one will feel scared or even betrayed by your decision, even though you are ultimately acting for their best good. The police officers, EMT’s and County Mental Health workers understand this bigger picture and are there to support you in making the hard choice.

More youths thinking suicide – St. Catharines Standard

More youths thinking suicide St. Catharines Standard .As the director of mental health services at Pathstone, the city’s agency for children and youth mental health, Helmeczi is accustomed to the plight of young people in distress.

State in mental-health crisis – The Durango Herald
Bullet News Niagara State in mental-health crisis The Durango HeraldNearly every day in Colorado, someone having a mental-health crisis tries to seek help at a hospital emergency room.


IN-DEPTH: Ky. crisis center funds cut, but women keep coming –

IN-DEPTH: Ky. crisis center funds cut, but women keep comingCincinnati.comCouple that with a changing face of the crisis – more women with substance abuse and mental health problems.


Texas experts split on mental illness, gun checks – Times Record News

Texas experts split on mental illness, gun checksTimes Record NewsThey might see someone acting out of the ordinary or out of character — like a woman who took all of her food out of her freezer and laid it on the sidewalk — and call a crisis hotline .

Suicide is a tragedy too often felt locally – Morris Daily Herald

Suicide is a tragedy too often felt locallyMorris Daily HeraldThe Behavioral Health Alliance of Grundy County also grieves for the loss of this young man due to mental illness and we hope the Warren family appreciates us using this tragedy as another example of mental health illness.

Decades of cuts puts Colorado in mental health crisis


Create a statewide mental health hotline and establish five, 24/7 walk-in crisis centers allowing a stay of up to five days. « New mental health hotline for kids


New mental health hotline for kids. By Christy Nadalin / April 2, 2013 / Be the first to comment. Kids’Link RI, a hotline that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for children in emotional crisis and who are suffering from behavioral problems.

Public Talk about Mental Health with Orcas Deputies — and Agree


In addition to landline 911, emergency hotlines are 378-4141 for cell phone callers; mental health crisis line number is 1-800-584-3578;; County Designated Mental Health Professional (CDMHP) on call 24/7.

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Seems like a good time to RT this: Texas needs to offer more mental health services HT@crisis_hotline

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Asbury Park Public Library – Emergency & Immediate Assistance – Asbury Park Public Library 26

NJ Division of Children’s Behavorial Health Services / Youth Mobile Crisis 877-652-7624. Help With Crisis & Emergency Situations. The following is a list of organizations and telephone numbers for emergency and crisis situations of various kinds. National Referral Network for Kids in Crisis 800-KIDSAVE.

PBSHEALTH – March 20, 2013 at 7:35 AM EDT – Seven Things Teenagers Can Do To … 20

But for the same reason, he also knows that personal choices play into those crises. Seek Help Early for Mental Health Issues. Mental health issues show up in different forms: depression, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive behavior, anxiety, anti-social behavior.


Community Matters – Mental Health Crisis Services

Experts from the Washington County Crisis Line and the Crisis Team talk about how to access mental health help.

Los Angeles Crisis Hotlines:

L.A. Co. Mental Health/Crisis Line     800-854-7771
Suicide Prevention Center                       213-381-5111 
(24 Hours)
Suicide Prevention Crisis Center                    310-391-1253 (24 Hours)
Assaults Against Women Hotline                   310-392-8381 (24 Hours)

Women and Children Crisis Shelter  562-945-3939 (24 Hours)
Child Abuse Hotline                                     800-540-4000 (LA. County Dept of Children  Services)
Rape Treatment Center                             310-319-4000 
(24 Hours)
Alcoholics Anonymous                                    213-936-4343 (24 Hours)
Cocaine Anonymous                                          310-216-4444 (24 Hours)
Narcotics Anonymous                                      909-622-4274  (24 Hours)
California Youth Crisis Line                            800-843-5200  (24 Hours)