North Carolina Methadone Hotline

Close-up of a young man heating a spoon with a lighter

Close-up of a young man heating a spoon with a lighter

North Carolina Methadone Hotline is designed to help the individuals who suffer from methadone addiction, and who reside in North Carolina.

Methadone is an addiction medication, that is commonly used to help the patient manage the withdrawal symptoms, and decrease the risk of relapse. Methadone is developed to suppress the euphoric sensation, that is associated with drug abuse.

Methadone has a long-acting effect. The addiction specialist will prescribe certain dosages for each patient, and may increase or decrease the dosage depending on the recovery result and progress.

Methadone is a powerful drug that is able to cause impaired balance, coordination, or the memory loss. Unfortunately some addicts misuse methadone that is originally prescribed for their addiction problem.  In some cases, the patients become addicted to methadone. Methadone’s withdrawal symptoms are not as extreme as other opiates, however they can be just as intolerable.  The main withdrawals symptoms include: sweating, constipation, sexual dysfunction, agitation.

If you are experiencing a methadone addiction or withdrawal symptoms, you need to consult an addiction specialists to have the dosage reduced to wean you off the methadone, or you can be prescribed other addition medication to help you manage the cravings. Just like any other addiction, the treatment for methadone addiction can be treated by applying substance abuse counseling and therapy.

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Methadone acts on the same opioid receptors as heroin and morphine and has some of the same effects as these drugs. Methadone maintenance support provided by The Addiction Hotline (855) Yes-REHAB.

The Methadone Controversy – OPINION OF FAN Sober Nation

Methadone?…methaDON’T I’m sorry but, if you’re on a methadone maintenance program you are not clean. Being clean means that you are not using any mood. 24 Hour FREE Addiction Hotline – GET FREE Help and Recover Today (866)-317-7050. addiction treatment centers drug and alcohol treatment facilities.

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Methadone clinic hearing continued in LowellThe SunHabit OpCo, which has operated a methadone clinic on Hall Street near downtown since 2006, wants to move when its lease ends in September.

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Woman charged over son’s methadone have charged the mother of a 9-year-old Raetihi boy with manslaughter over his methadone death, it was revealed today. Claudine Michelle Herewini, 42, appeared in the Whanganui District Court.

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Methadone: Lifesaver or Gold Mine?Health News FloridaBusiness is booming at for-profit clinics like the Daytona Methadone Treatment Center, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

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Bomb squad issues ‘all clear’ at downtown scene and at methadone clinicDaily Mail – CharlestonThe Charleston Treatment Center is a methadone clinic located on Greenbrier Street.

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South Burlington School Board considers steps on methadone clinicBurlingtonFreePress.comA small group of residents attend Wednesday’s South Burlington School Board meeting to express concerns over HowardCenter’s proposed methadone clinic.

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Jamaica Plain methadone clinic reopens after former management shut downBoston.comA New England chain of substance abuse centers has reopened a methadone clinic in Jamaica Plain.

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Unless a problem is found during an upcoming site visit, the new “methadone clinic” could be up and running in Pulaski by summer, according to a state official.

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Adults who abuse methadone need professional help to recover from addiction and stay sober long term.

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Members of the state’s Methadone Death and Incident Review Team include: • Thomas Armstrong, a retired police chief from Dauphin County.


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Art fennell Reports takes a closer look at the adictiveness of Methadone and talks to a woman who lost her loved one to the drug.

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This video I explain the effects of methadone, and the “high” that you will feel. Everybody is different, and methadone will have a different effect on each person.

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Methadone withdrawal “Lets talk about Methadone withdrawal. Methadone withdrawal for the most part looks like opiate withdrawal with a few differences.


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“Thomas” gives us a call and he set up a meeting at a Methadone Clinic for us.

Get Help For Methadone Abuse From An Addiction Hotline

Methadone is one of the medications used in the treatment of opioid addiction. Coincidentally, the drug that helps patients overcome their drug dependence.

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7Online.comNorth Carolina man arrested in NYC hotel gun incidentFox NewsNEW YORK – Police say a man who placed a pistol under a cushion in the lobby of a New York City hotel has been arrested.