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guy_02Opiates, is the class of drugs that include the following substances : heroin, morphine, and some prescription painkillers (OxyContin, Vicodin, and Fentanyl). Opiates act on brain receptors that regulate pain and emotions.  Opiates as a general class of drugs have substantial abuse tendency.

There are certain addiction medications that have been proven to help patients with opiates addiction.

1. Methadone gained recognition as an effective treatment for heroin addiction.

2. Naltrexone, an opioid receptor blocker.It works as a reversal of opiate overdose.

3. Buprenorphine, the newest medication. It has a long-acting effect on the receptors affected by opiates, relieving drug cravings without producing powerful side effects.

The most effective treatment for opiates addiction involves a combination of addiction medications and behavioral therapy.

New funds to treat opioid addiction in Oakville – InsideHalton.com

New funds to treat opioid addiction in OakvilleInsideHalton.comNew funds to treat opioid addiction in Oakville. Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), along with numerous partners, announced Friday, expanded access to opioid treatment.

AIIMS to start permanent centre for opiate addiction treatment – Economic Times

Economic TimesAIIMS to start permanent centre for opiate addiction treatmentEconomic TimesHe said Methadone therapy would prove a boon for such addicts, most of whom are from economically weaker sections of the society, as daily treatment.


Authorities tout kiosks as effective way to help fight addiction – Boston Globe

Boston GlobeAuthorities tout kiosks as effective way to help fight addictionBoston GlobeNorfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey likes to say that a simple idea has gone a long way in the battle against widespread opiate addiction.


State: Communities Struggle To Treat Opiate Addicts – NBC4i.com

Columbus DispatchState: Communities Struggle To Treat Opiate AddictsNBC4i.comOpiate addiction continues to increase in Ohio, and the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health said local communities cannot keep up with the need for treatment.


A Shot in the Dark: Can Vivitrol Help Us Control Our Addictions? – Pacific … – Pacific Standard

Pacific StandardA Shot in the Dark: Can Vivitrol Help Us Control Our Addictions? – Pacific …Pacific StandardCalled Vivitrol and made by Boston-based biotech Alkermes, it has been on the market for alcoholism since 2006 and for opiate addiction.


Suffolk Notebook: Narcan Patients To Get Referrals – Patch.com

Suffolk Notebook: Narcan Patients To Get ReferralsPatch.com”Individuals who overdose on opiates are often addicts and need professional help to get clean and an overdose event may represent that critical transformational moment for an addict.”

Addictions specialist leaving PEI amid painkiller epidemic – The Guardian Charlottetown

Addictions specialist leaving PEI amid painkiller epidemicThe Guardian CharlottetownOpiate addiction among Prince Edward Island youth is being described by justice and health professionals as an epidemic, yet P.E.I.’s only certified addictionologist .

Matthew Perry talks past opiate addiction: ‘I couldn’t leave my bed’ – Digital Spy

NinemsnMatthew Perry talks past opiate addiction: ‘I couldn’t leave my bed’Digital SpyMatthew Perry talks past opiate addiction: ‘I couldn’t leave my bed’.


Currie commits to move aggressively on youth addictions – The Guardian Charlottetown

The Guardian CharlottetownCurrie commits to move aggressively on youth addictionsThe Guardian CharlottetownHealth Minister Doug Currie says he wants to move aggressively on the problem of youth opiate addiction.


Medical Innovations Abound for the Treatment of Addiction – The Pineapple Newspaper

Medical Innovations Abound for the Treatment of AddictionThe Pineapple NewspaperNaltrexone, in the injectable form of Vivitrol, is a major medical advancement that has become one of the standards of care in the treatment of both opioid dependence and addiction.

Overcoming Opiate Addiction Successfully | Inspire Malibu

Opiates are mainly used for the treatment of pain. However, opiates are also illegally consumed by people as recreational drugs.

Opiate Addiction Treatment – Drug Rehab

If you are suffering from opiate addiction, perhaps the best decision that you can make is to find drug rehab center.

A Shot in the Dark: Can Vivitrol Help Us Control Our Addictions?

Called Vivitrol and made by Boston-based biotech Alkermes, it has been on the market for alcoholism since 2006 and for opiate addiction since 2010. It is not, however, a new drug.

opiate addiction.. trying to stop. – SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug

I’m new to the thread but I’ve read many posts. I’ve been hooked on opiates for almost 6 months.

afghanistan positioned perfectly to fuel american opiate addiction

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, the lead expert on cancer and stress related illnesses.

Opiate Addiction: What You May Not Know About This Drug

Under any situation, the power or the danger of taking this remarkable drug should never be underestimated. In the prescription form, this is only given to those patients that have already taken less potent opiates .

3 Companies Aiming For The $1.2B Opioid Addiction Market

With this availability and extremely high potential for abuse comes the potential for opioid dependence. If a person is opioid dependent for a long period of time, and attempts to abruptly discontinue use.

5 Things About Opiates You Didn’t Know – Stop Your Addiction

What are Opiates? Opiates are painkillers derived from the poppy plant. Opiate narcotics can be natural or synthetic. Natural opiates include opium, morphine, heroin and codeine. Synthetic opiates include some prescription drugs.

Prescription Opioid Abuse Can Lead to Heroin Addiction

Some people try heroin just to see what it’s like not realizing they could get hooked on the drug after the first use because it’s so powerful.

Opiate Addiction Treatment – New Directions for Women

You should seek opiate addiction treatment right away if you are one of the many thousands of men or women who are dealing with such an addiction.

No laughing matter: Matthew Perry reveals opiate addiction at height

’90s star Matthew Perry found his fame playing the hilariously lovable and dorky character Chandler on hit TV show Friends. However, real life was no laughing matter for the star as he revealed a suffered from a crippling drug addiction.

Opiate Addiction — Respiratory Depression

Opiates are chemical substances that are generally used in the curative field for treatment and relief of pain. They work by binding with opioid receptors in the central nervous law and gastrointestinal tract to stop the sensation.

Opiate Addiction | Narconon Arrowhead

Opiate addiction is currently an epidemic throughout the US that over the past decade has grown worse and worse. In terms of prescription opiates, the more.

Opiate Addiction Help – treatmentlink’s blog

Opiate addiction is a serious problem that has been in society for centuries but has showed up even more so today. An opiate is a drug that is derived from the opium poppy plant.

Time Magazine Tackles Curus Paper on Opiate Addiction

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) December 17, 2012. Curus, The new generation medical journal, published a controversial scientific paper detailing a study of opiate addiction treatment in China using brain lesioning. Opiate addicts .

Significant Growth In Substance Abuse Admissions for Opiates

A new national report shows that from 1999 to 2009 (the most recent year with available figures) substance abuse treatment admissions among those 12 and older have gone up for cases involving alcohol, opiates, and other prescription drugs.

Medical Innovations Abound for the Treatment of Addiction

Subutex and Suboxone, for the treatment of opiate dependence, is another medication that has emerged as a new standard of care that has revolutionized addiction treatment. 

Charleston Daily Mail – In rural W.Va., schools rethink their role – State News – Charleston Daily Mail – West …

Her organization’s clinic in McDowell County is treating 24 people for opiate addiction and has 143 others on a waiting list for the telemedicine program. The Associated Press. Early Childhood Coordinator Jacki Wimmer reads to pre-K students on Tuesday at Iaeger Elementary School.


TCPalm.com – Police praise recent drug-related arrests as making Port St. Lucie safer – TCPalm.com

Burkett said perhaps in the future there might be more of an issue with heroin, also an opiate. “If they can’t get the pills, they still have an opiate addiction,” he said.

WKYT – After OxyContin Scare, Appalachian Addicts Turn to Hydrocodone

Alcoholism and drug addiction have long been problems in the southern West Virginia coalfields, but in recent years the old problems have intensified with the quiet arrival of the painkiller hydrocodone. With 124 million prescriptions in 2005, hydrocodone is the most often prescribed opiate painkiller on the market.


Bucyrus Telegraph Forum – Heroin fight has been going on for years, and will continue – Bucyrus Telegraph Forum – bucyrustelegraphforum.com

Prescription opiates changed the landscape when it came to pain medication starting in the late 1990s. I could go on to site statistics from many cities and states, but I think the picture is clear: prescription opiates and heroin are leaving their mark in every corner of America — not just in Marion.

KFMB – mccreadys death renews questions for dr drew


Opiate Deaths Still A Problem – WHIZ News

One local drug counselor said addiction to opiates is one of the fastest growing drug epidemics and it’s killing people. Steve Carrel said that a few years ago only 10-15 percent of their clients tested positive for opiates, that number is now up to 50-60 percent.

WSAZ – Scioto County Leads Ohio in Opiate Prescription Pill Deaths

The big problem is prescription drugs,but as House Bill 93 cracks down on pills mills, there’s a growing problem of heroin addiction. The latest statisticsare from 2011, but the city and county have made great strides in helping addicts.

Letters to the Editor – eugeneweekly.com

DEALING WITH ADDICTION. Kudos to Richard Kidd for writing such a robust overview of opiate addiction, and the challenges we face in Lane County. Living through the hell of addiction lends further strength to your work. Thank you for your candor and your continued strength.

NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth – Archive

FDA Approves Drug for Opiate Addiction. McKinney Gets Convention Center Project in Settlement. Cops Rescue Family From House Fire. The Women Behind the Badges of “Police Women of Dallas”. Rescue by Passing Officers “Was Just Awesome”.

NBC Bay Area – Medical Board Revokes License of Prolific Opiod Prescriber – NBC Bay Area

Opioid painkiller prescribing has drawn increasing attention as addiction and overdose deaths have reached what the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call “epidemic” levels.

Statesman.com – Critics say pharmaceutical firms spurred the increase in – www.statesman.com

Meanwhile, a 2011 VA-sponsored study found that the overdose risk for veterans was twice that of the general population — much of it due to opiate painkillers. In 2002, he appeared before a US Food and Drug Administration committee as it considered whether to restrict the use of opiate painkillers.

Logan Banner – Resurgence of deadly heroin

The introduction of opiate-family pain killers such as Oxycontin in the 1990s has fueled an addiction epidemic, not just in the rough areas of big cities, but across the small towns and heartland of the country.

Chasing the Dragon – The rise of heroin use in Alabama – WBTV 3 News, Weather, …

“Prior to about a year or two ago, a lot of addicts would crush oxycontin tablets down and inject it, but when the formula changed they are not able to do that anymore, so a lot of those addicts have switched to heroin,” Lt Mark Davis with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said.

ContraCostaTimes.com – Hometown Hero – Son’s overdose makes San Ramon woman a tireless crusader – ContraCostaTimes.com

“We want to cut down on the death rate and absolutely save families from the disease of addiction.”. Joey saw her and walked out with 90 Oxycodone (a synthetic opiate), 90. Joey Rovero grew up as a good student and athlete, playing football at California High in San Ramon.

Chris Kelly Overdose — Kris Kross Rapper’s Final Hours Revealed – Hollywood Life – VIDEO

Furthermore, Chris’ mother admitted that he “had an extensive history of drug use” and he reportedly fell back into his addiction in February after performing at a Kris Kross reunion show, according to TMZ.

Chris Kelly’s Death — Mom Finds Him Unresponsive During 911 Call – Hollywood Life

Clare Waismann, founder of WAISMANN METHOD — an opiate detoxification center, tells HollywoodLife.com that “individually they are both lethal drugs, but when they are combined, they become even more lethal… One day your body can handle all the drugs, and the next day it can’t.”.


Heroin Addicts Speak

Meet people deep in the throws of a heroin addiction, with no way out.

Life as a heroin addict – Introduction

In this series we will be looking at different aspects of heroin addiction, treatment and recovery, as told by the addicts themselves.


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My story with opiates. Help to come off. Story sharing channel. Tips and tricks to kick opiates. The truth chemically and physically.