Side Effects Pain Pill Addiction

Side Effects Pain Pill Addiction: Pain Pill Addiction Has Serious Effects

causes-of-addiction_miniPain pill addiction is very common among many patients suffering from prolonged inflammation problems. This is especially true among patients suffering from orthopedic problems like arthritis and back pain. They take painkillers to manage their pain but, in turn, they become addicted. According to the report released by the Center for Disease Control, 40 people die each day because of pain killer overdose. For this reason, it is crucial for people to seek treatment if they suspect pain pill addiction by calling treatment facilities like the Treatment Center of Cypress.

Too much exposure to pain killers has serious repercussions. The side effects pain pill addiction can vary depending on the type of pain killer that was being used. It is important to understand that pain pills naturally affect the nervous system of the body which blocks the pain transmitters from working. However, it does not only cause numbing from pain and serious overdose of painkillers can cause lethal side effects. Below are the side effects pain pill addiction.


One of the side effects pain pill addiction that a drug addict will feel dizziness. This is true particularly if a drug addict is abusing the drug morphine. The reason for this is that the pain killers blocks the pain receptors thus resulting to the relaxed state of the body which leads to drowsiness. This is very dangerous especially among those who are driving or making critical decisions.


Constipation is one of the common side effects pain pill addiction. Since the body undergoes a relaxed state after the intake of pain pills, this also affect the stomach and the bowel movements. As a result people who abuse pain pills often suffer from constipation which can give rise to other more serious health problems.

Muscle Rigidity

Too much intake of pain killers can cause muscle rigidity. This is the reason why those who have an overdose to pain killers and other drugs have slurred speech and cannot make precise muscle movement. People who get addicted to pain killers become clumsy because the drug is making their muscles rigid.

Cardiovascular Problems

Pain relievers can wreck havoc on the heart as well as lungs especially if a person takes high dosage of it. Most pain relievers have the ability to relax the body including the muscles and this relaxed state can affect the normal functioning of the heart and lungs. Many people have died from respiratory depression after getting pain pill overdose.

The side effects pain pill addiction can be very serious and deadly and it is important to stay away from painkillers unless you have a need for them. You can call a treatment facility like the Treatment Center of Cypress to help you learn more information about pain pill addiction. You can call us at (855) 937-7342 so that we can give the treatment.

We extend our thanks to Dr. Gauresh from the JJ Group of Hospitals for his articles related to drug abuse and its side effects. We also encourage all people to seek help if they know someone or suffer from drug addiction. Help us help you. Seek help before it’s too late.

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