Signs Someone Is Addicted To Pain Pills

Signs Someone Is Addicted To Pain Pills


P114013-382x253-DrugAbuseFactsain pills are commonly used among people who are suffering from inflammatory diseases. Unfortunately, this very helpful drug is also prone to abuse by many people who seek different ways to get high. In the recent study conducted by SAMHSA’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health, there are about five million adults suffering from addiction. This is the reason why it is so crucial for people to seek intervention by calling a treatment facility like the Treatment Center Of Orange.


There is little understanding when it comes to defining drug addiction. Most people believe that addiction to pain pills means that being physically dependent to the drug but addiction is really a psychological process which leads to the obsession of the drug. It is therefore important to know the signs of addiction. Knowing the signs someone is addicted to pain pills is a very challenging task. Just because a person has been taking pain pills for a long time does not mean that he or she is already an addict. Below are the signs someone is addicted to pain pills.

Manner By Which You Take The Drug

Most pain killers have their own prescribed way of being taken in by the patient. They can be injected through the IV or be taken orally. If a person takes the medicine in ways that it is not intended to be taken, to achieve faster onset, then that person might already be addicted to the drug. The thing here is that drug addicts are concerned about how fast they can get high out of a pain killer so they take the medication in ways that will give them faster result of the heightened feeling.

Asking For More Medicines Than Prescribed By The Doctor

One of the signs someone is addicted to pain pills is his or her incessant request for more medicines that what the doctor originally prescribed. There is a reason why doctors only prescribed a certain amount of pain killers to their patients and if an individual continues to get prescription even if it is no longer necessary, then it is likely that he or she is like to abuse that drug. If you notice this behavior in your loved ones, call a drug treatment facility like the Treatment Center of Orange fast to seek intervention.

Becoming Excited To Take The Next Medication

Pain killers are just medicines but if a person becomes excited to take the next medication, then you should suspect drug addiction as the likely culprit. It is unusual for people to become excited from taking drugs unless they have become dependent to it. They know that once they take the pain killer, they will get high in the process. This is one of the most important signs someone is addicted to pain pills.

Addiction to pain pills is one of the most understated forms of substance abuse. The reason for this is that people easily dismiss this problem as trivial. As a concerned individual, it is important that you seek intervention for a loved one who is suffering from painkiller addiction. Call us at (855) 937-7342 so that we can help you.

In behalf of our staff, we would also like to thank the kind people from the National Medical Consultants for providing us with free information about addiction to pain pills. We also would like to encourage people to report drug abuse problems. Let us help stop the cycle of drug abuse.



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