Alcohol Abuse Hotline

Alcohol abuse hotline is designed for those individuals who struggle with alcohol addiction, and are not able to stop a vicious cycle of alcohol abuse. Many people with alcohol abuse problems, are terrified of the devastating consequences of alcohol addiction, however they can not stop using alcohol on their own. Addiction is a serious mental health disorder, and it needs to be treated by a substance abuse professional, who understands and is trained to treat certain types of addiction.

prescription-drug-abuse (1)Unfortunately, alcohol abuse may enslave young people in their teen years, and dramatically change their lives for the worst. In most cases, the victim of alcohol or drug abuse is a young teen, who is growing up in the unsafe, and often violent environment. Some children see their parents do drugs, so they revert to their behaviors, and some children turn to alcohol or drugs out of necessity to “escape”. Read more

Drug Treatment Courts for Teens Program by Samhsa

SAMHSA-IC_246p awards up to $6 million in grants for Teen Court Program

Ten Teen Court Program grants totaling up to $6 million over the next three years will provide substance abuse treatment services and related recovery support services to youth with substance abuse and/or co-occurring treatment needs involved in a teen court program. The funding is from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).
The services are designed to support partnerships between teen court programs and community-based treatment and recovery services. It is part of SAMHSA’s efforts to divert youth with substance abuse treatment needs from further criminal behavior. Read more

Does Health Insurance cover all Substance Abuse

Health insurance concept.

Health insurance concept.

NJ Mental Health and Substance Abuse Parity Bill Advances


A bill that would require public health insurance providers to cover the treatment of mental and nervous disorders, alcoholism and substance abuse under the.

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Substance Abuse Negative Outcome


How to Help Prevent Teen Substance Abuse, Part 1 – Belmont, CA


How can we prevent our children from being sidetracked by substance abuse?

W.Va. Substance Abuse Task Force Makes Suggestions


A task force on substance abuse has made policy and program recommendations for the state Legislature to consider.


Substance Abuse May Have Long-Term Negative Effect on Sexual


A new study suggests substance abuse impairs sexual performance in men, even after they stop using drugs or alcohol. Earlier studies suggested men spontaneously recover their normal sexual performance several weeks after they end