24 Hour Drug Hotline

drug-addiction-ien-india24 Hour Drug Hotline is designed to help those individuals who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction problem: to answer any drug related questions, find an appropriate drug rehab facility, help families to stage an intervention, provide support for the loved ones, to help cope with addict in the family, provide  initial counseling and assessment.

When you are stricken with drug addiction, you often feel helpless and alone. Most people with drug addiction can not fight this chronic disorder on their own. There is no common sense that can be applied and used in this situation. The addiction takes over the control of your life. Even if the person desires to get help, he or she simply can not do it by themselves. There are different stages and levels of addiction, there are different types of drugs, and there are different types of dosages taken by an addict. These factors will help the addiction specialists to determine and develop a comprehensive treatment plan, that is suitable for each individual.  However, there is no problem that is “too big” or “too small”. Read more

Drug Abuse Hotline

drug_addiction1_xlargeDrug Abuse Hotline is designed to help those individuals who struggle from drug abuse and addiction. There is no big or small problem when it comes to drug abuse and addiction. At any stage, a drug addiction can be detrimental to a person’s health or be fatal. The illegal drug industry ha been on the rise. There are  multiple amount of new drugs of abuse produced every day, and unfortunately they are easily accessible.

Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences (as defined by NIDA). The drugs alter the brain function, that can lead to irrational and often violent behaviors, and it can result in addiction. Drug abuse takes over person’s self-control. Drugs affect the brain function that associated with judgement, motor skills, decision making, memory, and behavioral control.

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Alcohol Addiction Hotline

substance-abuse-treatmentAlcohol addiction hotline is designed to help individuals with alcohol addiction problems to find adequate help, and answer many questions related to addiction. Thousands of people today are affected by alcoholism disorder, and many of them are just young teens. This is a sad statistic, and it  is very alarming. Either derived from genetic predisposition, or from the unsafe environment, the alcohol addiction had spread wide in to our society.

Alcohol affects every organ in the person’s body, and can irreversibly damage a developing fetus. Alcohol can alter brain function and motor skills. Alcohol abuse can lead to cancers, strokes, and liver failure.  Alcoholism or alcohol dependence have identifiable characteristics, that are associated with powerful cravings and withdrawals. Alcohol abuse and  alcoholism, can cause permanent health damage, and lead to death.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline

drug-abuse3Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline is designed to help those individuals who believe that they have problem with alcohol, and they would like to talk with a staff member regarding how to achieve sobriety. If you are looking for information about Alcoholics Anonymous, or about their meetings in Los Angeles  are, you can call (800) 923-8722.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with one another, to recover from alcohol addiction. Read more

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Hotline

closeup of medicine capsules being poured from pill bottle into hand

closeup of medicine capsules being poured from pill bottle into hand

If you are facing a painful reality of alcohol or drug abuse, and understand that you need immediate help, then you came to the right place. Alcohol and Drug rehab hotline is the services, that is designed to match you or your loved one with an appropriate substance abuse treatment facility. A certified substance abuse counselor, will be able to assess and screen your situation objectively, and help you to enroll in the best local treatment facility, that specializes in your particular drug of use, may address specific individual needs of the patient, be gender specific, and use evidence based treatment options. When you or your loved one, make this potentially life saving phone call, at first it may seem to be very difficult and often shameful. However, you need to understand that many people who join our industry, are often the the same people who had to make the same phone call decades a go to seek help for the same problems you  may have. Many recovered alcoholics or drug addicts, choose to spend their lives helping others to achieve a successful recovery and drug free life. Any person who is making a phone call to alcohol and drug rehab hotline doesn’t have it easy, and we have a compassion and professionalism to deal with any kind of addiction problem. Our treatment centers include facilities, that offer medical treatment, physiological treatment, as well as faith-based (Christian Rehab) centers. Read more