Mental Health Crisis Hotline

drugAddictionMainFor people who are experiencing mental health crisis, there is a mental health crisis hotline, that is designed to provide a caller with crisis intervention, medication, assessment,  and stabilization. Once the initial steps are established, the patient is provided with supportive care, crisis residential service, acute inpatient service, and enrollment to an appropriate residential mental health facility. It can be the most difficult and unthinkable thing to do, when the family has to call the police due to their loved one’s unsafe behavior. Department of health services offers a detailed guideline to help families to deal with their  loved ones are experiencing serious mental health problems. If you have a loved one with a serious mental health condition, there may be times when their behavior creates a danger to themselves or others. For the safety of both your loved one and your family, police intervention may be required. You may expect that your loved one will feel scared or even betrayed by your decision, even though you are ultimately acting for their best good. The police officers, EMT’s and County Mental Health workers understand this bigger picture and are there to support you in making the hard choice. Read more

Cocaine Abuse Addiction Hotline

Cocaine Abuse Addiction Hotline

Cocaine Abuse and Addiction

drug-addictionwCocaine, is a potent addictive stimulant drug. It comes in the form of powder , that can be ingested by snorting or injected as water dissolved substance. The street name for cocaine is “crack”, this form of cocaine comes in a rock crystal form, which is heated, and then smoked.  The reason for this name is that, while cocaine rock is being heated it produces crackling sound. They ways cocaine is abused. There are several common ways of ingesting cocaine: via snorting, smoking, or by intravenously.

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