Do You Have a Drinking Problem

low risk drinking limitsAsk your friends if they think you have a drinking problem, and they’ll most likely say no – even if you did have a few too many at the last party. Look inside your fridge, and you’ll find a few half-full bottles of wine or a 12-pack of beer – no more or less than what you’d find in most people’s kitchens, right? Think how often you crave a nightcap after a stressful day at work. “I’m just unwinding at the end of a long day,” you think to yourself while pouring a second or third glass. But deep down, you suspect you might be drinking too much – even if your relationship with alcohol seems, on the surface, “normal.” And you know what? You might be right.

Life isn’t black and white – and neither is your relationship with alcohol. Although experts once treated “alcoholic” and “non-alcoholic” as two separate entities, physicians are now starting to view individuals’ relationship with alcohol on a spectrum. Just because you haven’t reached the spectrum’s end doesn’t mean alcohol isn’t interfering with your day-to-day well-being. Nor does it mean you don’t need to curb your consumption. Read more