Why Mothers in Denial about Drug Rehab for her Teen?

addi25Many mothers may be in denial about their teen’s drug abuse problem. They may feel that this is a phase their child goes through, and that it will go away with time. Some mothers admit to the unwillingness to face the problem. Rather than follow facts and suspicions of drug abuse, these loving moms are refusing to accept the possibility that their teen is using drugs or may even become and addict.

So often, without even knowing, the mothers become enablers to their children’s drug abuse problems. An enabler is a loved one who intentionally or unintentionally assists an addict in continuing their drug or alcohol use by engaging in behaviors that they mistakenly think will help the person. Read more

Why Teen’s Drug Test was Negative, Do we need a Drug Rehab?

ts_140807_drug_overdose_abuse_800x600Addiction can happen at any age, but unfortunately it often happens amongst young persons. Is your teen has tested negative for drugs?

That means there were no detectible traces of specific drugs the lab was looking for. However, that doesn’t mean that your young teen doesn’t use drugs. Different drug tests provide different results. If your child continues to use drugs despite harmful consequences, he or she may be addicted.

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Disadvantage and unemployment driving drug and alcohol abuse in regional towns

683563-alcohol-abuse  HIGH unemployment rates in are leading regional Australians to abuse alcohol and drugs, including ice, a Federal Senate inquiry has heard.

Disadvantage and unemployment in regional towns is driving drug and alcohol abuse Flinders University National Centre for Education on Training and Addiction director Professor Ann Roche told the Senate Committee inquiry into ice on Tuesday.

Meeting in Mount Gambia in South Australia Prof Roche told the committee regional and rural resident were especially vulnerable to alcohol abuse as well as drugs – including ice.

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Aetna Approved Drug Rehab Programs Treatment locator

Economic recovery road sign

Economic recovery road sign

If you or your loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, and you currently have Aetna PPO coverage, it may be a significant cost savings to you and or your loved one. Alcohol and Drug Rehab programs are covered by Aetna Health Insurance through their behavioral health coverage.

The amount of coverage, the co-pay amount, pre-certifications and the length of treatment time depends on the coverage that was selected by your  employer.
However, the assigned Drug Rehab Facilities, are the once that have an agreement with Aetna to provide specific treatment, and the the providers that have been approved by Aetna Health Insurance. So, you can have the confidence to know that these facilities are certified and have a positive history of successful treatment provided to Aetna insurance members.

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Does AETNA Cover Rehab Costs?

drug-abuseIf you have a AETNA PPO coverage, and wonder if they have a substance abuse and mental health disorder coverage, then you can read the info provided by the carrier in regards to this type of benefits.

Aetna PPO Health Plan often cover benefits for substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Many people question, if the insurance is obligated to cover any of the above listed behavioral health disorders. The great thing with Aetna PPO and CIGNA Health PPO plans is that they both provide benefits for substance abuse and mental health problems.

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