Drug Abuse Hotline Number

causes-effects-drug-addictionDrug Abuse Hotline Number is designed for those individuals who are seeking help for their substance abuse problems, question about drugs, support for family members, who’s loved ones are affected by the diseases.

The person with drug or alcohol addiction problem may be in crisis, and has no one to call or speak to. Often times, the individual with addiction problems feel hopeless and ashamed of his or her situation. Drug Abuse Hotline counselor will be to explain the addiction, how it can be treated, identify certain behaviors for families to understand a learn about drug abuse,  addictions, and much more. Read more

Heroin Addiction Hotline

Heroin Addiction Hotline

Heroin Addiction

drug-addiction-preventionHeroin is a highly addictive drug that is processed from morphine, which comes from the seed of a poppy plant. It is a sedative that obstructs the central nervous system. Heroin can be ingested intravenously , smoked or snorted. Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and abusing this drug had become a critical problem in the United States. According to NIDA research and statistics, there is a high increase in the amount of people who are snorting and smoking heroin, in comparison with those who use it intravenously. The reason for this change is an erroneous conception that snorting and smoking heroin will not result in addiction. Furthermore these forms of ingesting a drug apparently augment the purity of heroin. Cognitive Functioning Chronic use or abuse of heroin can lead to a permanent and destructive impairments on mental capacity. The negative effects on brain malfunctioning may result in memory loss, segmented, and judgment abilities.

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The American Drug User Calling Mothers and Fathers

The American Drug User Calling Mothers and Fathers

Substance Abuse Addiction and Americas Typical Drug User. Were are the mothers and fathers today?

Tony Newman: Classic Songs About Drug Use, Drug Selling and the


drug-addiction3Musicians are some of the most open and honest people when it comes to drug use in society. While there is still stigma and fear for most of us when it comes to talking about personal drug use, musicians share their Read more