Substance Abuse Negative Outcome


How to Help Prevent Teen Substance Abuse, Part 1 – Belmont, CA


How can we prevent our children from being sidetracked by substance abuse?

W.Va. Substance Abuse Task Force Makes Suggestions


A task force on substance abuse has made policy and program recommendations for the state Legislature to consider.


Substance Abuse May Have Long-Term Negative Effect on Sexual


A new study suggests substance abuse impairs sexual performance in men, even after they stop using drugs or alcohol. Earlier studies suggested men spontaneously recover their normal sexual performance several weeks after they end


Center for Addiction Medicine Drug treatment

Center for Addiction Medicine Drug treatment has been in Vegas for a while. Has anyone heard of them?

Center for Addiction Medicine Drug treatment clinic located in Las Vegas Nevada, The Center for Addiction Medicine is a private practice clinic dedicated to providing treatment to drug abuse and is lD…