Drug Rehab Hotline

drug-abuse3Drug Rehab Hotline is designed to provide information for individuals seeking a drug rehab facility in the : in-patient, out-patient and residential settings. A patient with any types of substance abuse problems and addictions, will be able to undergo medically assisted detoxification, substance abuse counseling and therapy, as well as the aftercare program. The patient’s treatment will be monitored by Substance abuse professionals, and the initial assessment will allow to diagnose possible mental health disorders, that are often associated with addictions.

Both the patient and the family, have access to multiple drug and addiction questions, that can be answered by our certified staff.  The family will be provided with the intervention specialists if needed, for those loved ones who need staged intervention in order to start recovery process.

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Drug Rehab Hotline

Drug-AddictionbDrug addiction is a serious mental health disorder, that effects thousands of people each year. What starts for some individuals as an experiment with drugs, can evolve in to a severe addiction problem. In some cases, the person only has first experience with drugs, and that can result in some detrimental medical problems, or even death.  Addiction is a progressive disorder, that causes inability to stop using drugs, despite dangerous consequences. Drug Rehab Hotline is designed to help individuals with from moderate to severe drug addiction problems, drug questions, drug interventions, drug treatment facilities, both in-patient and residential, outpatient services, 12-steps programs, faith based (Christian Drug Rehab) treatment and facilities, addiction information, and much more. The patient is initially screened by one of our certified trained professionals, who will assess the patient’c situation, and make necessary advise and arrangements for his or her drug rehab treatment. Any additional medical and mental health problems, will be addressed if necessary, to allow the patient to undergo treatment for addiction and other medical problems that are associated with drug addiction. Read more

Can I go to Drug Treatment if I have a Warrant for My Arrest?

Drug Treatment Intervention

drug-abuseOftentimes, a drug addiction creates more problems than one could ever imagine. Some of these problems may escalate into legal problems – which could lead to having warrants out for your arrest for a host of reasons. Clearly, if you have a warrant out for your arrest, you are at risk of going to jail. Even if you are in need of drug treatment, a warrant for your arrest certainly complicates matters and is a cause for concern when you need help getting clean.

The good news is, there is hope. In many cases, instead of doing time in jail, a judge will actually order you to complete a drug treatment program and get counseling for your problems. If you are appointed a lawyer by the court, discuss your options for asking for drug treatment in lieu of a jail sentence. Read more