Does AETNA Cover Rehab Costs?

drug-abuseIf you have a AETNA PPO coverage, and wonder if they have a substance abuse and mental health disorder coverage, then you can read the info provided by the carrier in regards to this type of benefits.

Aetna PPO Health Plan often cover benefits for substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Many people question, if the insurance is obligated to cover any of the above listed behavioral health disorders. The great thing with Aetna PPO and CIGNA Health PPO plans is that they both provide benefits for substance abuse and mental health problems.

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Drug Abuse Hotline Sacramento

teen_drug_abuse_300x250Drug Abuse Hotline Sacramento is designed to help the individuals with drug addiction or substance abuse problems to find adequate help, and answer any questions related to treatment options. In addition, you may speak to a counselor about your particular drug of use, and to find help and support for the family members who are coping with an addict.

Most commonly abused drugs today are : alcohol, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, tobacco, marijuana etc.

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Drug Abuse Hotline Number

causes-effects-drug-addictionDrug Abuse Hotline Number is designed for those individuals who are seeking help for their substance abuse problems, question about drugs, support for family members, who’s loved ones are affected by the diseases.

The person with drug or alcohol addiction problem may be in crisis, and has no one to call or speak to. Often times, the individual with addiction problems feel hopeless and ashamed of his or her situation. Drug Abuse Hotline counselor will be to explain the addiction, how it can be treated, identify certain behaviors for families to understand a learn about drug abuse,  addictions, and much more. Read more

Drug Treatment Courts for Teens Program by Samhsa

SAMHSA-IC_246p awards up to $6 million in grants for Teen Court Program

Ten Teen Court Program grants totaling up to $6 million over the next three years will provide substance abuse treatment services and related recovery support services to youth with substance abuse and/or co-occurring treatment needs involved in a teen court program. The funding is from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).
The services are designed to support partnerships between teen court programs and community-based treatment and recovery services. It is part of SAMHSA’s efforts to divert youth with substance abuse treatment needs from further criminal behavior. Read more

Alcohol Treatment | Addiction Hotline

Alcohol Treatment | Addiction Hotline

Renewing your family life after alcohol treatment program

addiction-recoveryAn alcohol treatment program is just the first step in your recovery. If you’ve already completed a program and are now actively working your recovery, you probably have a sponsor and are attending aftercare and meetings.

Drug Alcohol Treatment Center Orange County: C Everett Koop’s

Drug Alcohol Treatment Center Orange County. At our drug and alcoholism treatment center, we believe in our patients’ ability to succeed. With the help of our outstanding staff, we support our patients’ growth and recovery.

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