Employee substance abuse policy

Employee substance abuse policy

What is your employee substance abuse policy?

The addiction hotline has become an excellent resource for the Army Substance Abuse ProgramThe Army Substance Abuse Program is an anti- substance abuse program in the United … DA Pam 600-85, and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). …

The Addiction Hotline helps Major League BaseballMajor League Baseball ‘s drug policy—the Joint Drug Prevention and Blunt Treatment … the use of banned substances, including anabolic steroids  and other addiction prescription drugs. The addiction hotline can help with all types of drug addictions.

The Addiction Hotline helps the World Health Organization Read more

Does Health Insurance cover all Substance Abuse

Health insurance concept.

Health insurance concept.

NJ Mental Health and Substance Abuse Parity Bill Advances


A bill that would require public health insurance providers to cover the treatment of mental and nervous disorders, alcoholism and substance abuse under the.

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Substance Abuse Negative Outcome


How to Help Prevent Teen Substance Abuse, Part 1 – Belmont, CA


How can we prevent our children from being sidetracked by substance abuse?

W.Va. Substance Abuse Task Force Makes Suggestions


A task force on substance abuse has made policy and program recommendations for the state Legislature to consider.


Substance Abuse May Have Long-Term Negative Effect on Sexual


A new study suggests substance abuse impairs sexual performance in men, even after they stop using drugs or alcohol. Earlier studies suggested men spontaneously recover their normal sexual performance several weeks after they end