Aetna Addiction Treatment Phone Number

Evidence-based drug rehab delivers proven results.

Addiction-in-a-cage-pic1Is addiction taking control over your life? Is substance abuse problem had ruined your relationship with your loved ones?  Do you feel like you can not stop taking drugs or alcohol?

If this describes how you currently feel, then you need help from Aetna-covered drug rehab facility.  We are focused on the patient’s personal and individual needs. We understand that each patient’s case is unique,  and requires a specific and individual approach.  One of our Substance Abuse Professionals will conduct an initial assessment process, to identify an addiction problem, and develop a comprehensive treatment plan, that is most suitable to each patient.

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24 Hour Drug Helplines

mazatlan-drug-rehabilitation-professionalsThe Addiction Hotline has been in business for over 10 years. Overcoming drug addiction and co-occurring disorders can seem like an unobtainable dream, and most people feel burdened and doomed.  However,  there is help for anyone with substance abuse problems or addictions, and there are different levels of care.

When you’re ready to call a 24-hour drug helpline, there is an adequate certified professional who is ready to listen, understand, not judge, but find you the help you need. You will be able to  receive an initial assessment for your particular drug addiction problem, guidance for your particular drug of use, and some counseling to receive the initial support. Read more

Opiate Addiction Hotline

guy_02Opiates, is the class of drugs that include the following substances : heroin, morphine, and some prescription painkillers (OxyContin, Vicodin, and Fentanyl). Opiates act on brain receptors that regulate pain and emotions.  Opiates as a general class of drugs have substantial abuse tendency.

There are certain addiction medications that have been proven to help patients with opiates addiction.

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Drug Abuse Hotline Sacramento

teen_drug_abuse_300x250Drug Abuse Hotline Sacramento is designed to help the individuals with drug addiction or substance abuse problems to find adequate help, and answer any questions related to treatment options. In addition, you may speak to a counselor about your particular drug of use, and to find help and support for the family members who are coping with an addict.

Most commonly abused drugs today are : alcohol, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, tobacco, marijuana etc.

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24 Hour Alcohol Hotline

A survey has found that underage drinkers consume more than 175 million drinks a year.                                   Photo posed by modelsMunchkin Management.

A survey has found that underage drinkers consume more than 175 million drinks a year. Photo posed by modelsMunchkin Management.

24 Hour Alcohol Hotline is designed to help individuals with alcohol related problems: alcohol abuse, alcoholism and alcohol addiction. A certified counselor is ready to listen and answer any of your questions, about addictions, behaviors, treatment options, and understanding of addiction.

Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction are now more common then ever before. Statistics showing that alcohol abuse is present among adults,  young teens and elderly. The main reasons for drinking are : stressful life style, recreation purposes, neglect, loneliness, desperation, trauma to name a few. However, those who are prone to addiction do not realize it at first. Some people end up heavily drinking, because they can not stop, and some people find the alcoholic beverages to be used as “self-medication” for their emotional and physical problems. Read more