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Smoking herbal incense effects

Drug-addict-smoking-a-cra-001When attempting to discuss the effects of herbal ‘incense’ (synthetic cannabinoids) it is first important to keep three points in mind:

1. Herbal incense is a generic name for products containing synthetic cannabinoids (more commonly JWH but now including second generation compounds such as AM 1220, AM 2223, AM 2201, AM 1248 etc.). It is called herbal incense to bypass laws prohibiting the advertising of smoking herbal incense ingredients and mixtures that have not been approved by the relevant authorities. Nobody uses it as incense. Read more

The war against synthetic drugs

drug-addictionwThe war against synthetic drugs has been since 2008. A lot of Synthetic drug makers are asking if  the Synthetic Drug Act Actually Going to be Effective?

Will Synthetic Drugs (a.k.a. K2, Spice, Bath Salts, etc.) be a thing of the past or our viral future? Read more