Top Residential Addiction Treatment Center in New Orleans

Addiction is a psychological disorder which generally involves a compulsive urge of consuming a substance and being heavily dependent on such substances, even though the consequences of such consumption are known by the individual. It is difficult to treat but is absolutely treatable and thus treatment of such addiction needs to be done as soon as possible. Addiction essentially can be prevalent in cases of individuals who have had a neglected or abused childhood, had a family history of addiction, or have gone through psychological trauma in the recent past where such trauma has either led to depression or stress.

drug_abuse1Addiction is more easy and compulsive in case of substances which directly affect the nervous system of the individuals such as caffeine, morphine, nicotine, alcohol, stimulants, anti depressants, and pain relievers among others. Addiction is far stronger and faster in case such substances are inhaled or injected. Such substances when consumed over a period of time, the body develops a tolerance for such substances. These tolerance levels are so strong that when the person wants to come out of such addiction, the body reacts in various ways which can at times also be fatal for the individuals. Withdrawal symptoms can range from headaches to dizziness to drowsiness to increase in blood pressure and heart rate.
Depending on the nature of substance consumed, quantity of substance consumed and time duration, for which such consumption has been continued, the addiction treatment would be different for different individuals. In case a person is stable enough to stay away for consumption of such substances, the individual can be treated at an out-patient facility. Here, the individual needs to attend regular counseling sessions at his convenience either individually or in groups suiting his personal requirements to completely heal his body, mind and soul and lead a life of normalcy without consumption of such substances.

This treatment facility is known as out-patient facility since the patient need not be admitted to such facility and they can continue their regular routine while taking treatment therapies. In case the patient needs to be isolated from the source of substance and also requires regular medical attention he needs to be admitted to in-patient facility which is also known as rehabilitation homes. Treatment for addiction is also provided at sober houses or recovery houses. Holistic treatment healing the mind, body and soul of the patient is provided at such treatment centers and the patient is gradually counseled to lead a life of normalcy without consumption of such substances. Various treatment centers providing either out-patient or in-patient or both facilities are available at New Orleans. These centers also essentially provide after therapy consultations to prevent relapse of addiction.