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If you or your loved one is faced with alcohol or drug addiction, and you currently have United Health Care PPO coverage, it may be a considerable cost savings to you and or your loved one. Substance Abuse treatment programs are covered by United Health Care PPO Insurance through their behavioral health coverage.

3The level of coverage, the co-pay amount, pre-certifications and the length of treatment time, solely depends on the type of health care benefits that was selected by your employer.
However, the assigned Drug Rehab Centers, are the once that have an agreement with United Health Care Plan to provide dedicated  treatment services, rendered by providers that have been approved by United Health Care Insurance. So, you can have the assurance that these facilities are certified and have an enduring history of successful treatment results, provided to United Health Care insurance members.
On our website, the user friendly United Health Care Treatment locator, will guide you to be able to find and select treatment centers in your state and your city.
The facilities list provides information on drug rehab centers that are currently authorized by United Health Care,  to provide substance abuse treatment, mental health and behavioral services.   The patients are encouraged to receive these services from preferred providers for  alcohol treatment, drug treatment, substance abuse, and mental health disorders.
For most United Health Care Authorized Programs, that includes substance abuse and other compulsive disorders, inpatient or residential treatment may be required.

News release – World Health Organization (press release)

News releaseWorld Health Organization (press release)27 May 2013 | Geneva – After seven days of intense discussions, the 66th World Health Assembly (WHA) concluded with agreement on a range of new public health measures and recommendations.

The case for drug legalisation – Nouse

The case for drug legalisationNouseThe global war on drugs led by the United States (and largely attributed to Richard Nixon) has been a monumental failure.

California health exchange reveals premium costs, insurers – Sacramento Bee

California health exchange reveals premium costs, insurersSacramento BeeThree major insurers – Aetna, Cigna and United Healthcare – opted not to sell policies on the exchange’s individual market, sparking concerns.

UnitedHealthcare offers grants for children’s medical expenses – Logan Daily News

UnitedHealthcare offers grants for children’s medical expensesLogan Daily NewsThe Children’s Medical Grant is offering families in Ohio up to $5,000 to pay for medical services and expenses that are not covered by their commercial insurance.

UnitedHealthcare cost estimator now available in Alabama – Birmingham Business Journal

UnitedHealthcare cost estimator now available in AlabamaBirmingham Business JournalAlabama residents with a UnitedHealthcare plan can now find estimated costs to more than 450 common medical services. The insurance company announced earlier this month.


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Los Angeles TimesUnitedHealth, Aetna and Cigna opt out of California insurance exchangeLos Angeles TimesUnitedHealth, the nation’s largest private insurer, Aetna Inc. and Cigna Corp. are sitting out the first year of Covered California.

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CBS NewsMedical Marijuana: Wider Use May Lead To More Accidental Consumption In …Huffington Post… of General Psychiatry found. Psychiatrists now prescribe the drugs in one out of every three office visits with children, and increasingly for older patients.

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Huge growth in online drug sales as demand for health products surgesChina DailyHe attributed the swift growth of the sector to the e-commerce boom in China, the convenience and competitive price of buying drugs online and surging demand for over-the counter products.

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated is a diversified managed health care company … single health carrier in the United States .


United States National Health Care Act

The United States National Health Care Act, or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act (113 | HR | 676), is a bill introduced in the past years.


Health care reform debate in the United States

The health care reform debate in the United States has been a political issue for many years, focusing upon increasing coverage, decreasing out-of-pocket costs.


Tarzana Treatment Centers

includes behavioral health , primary medical care, mental health and addiction treatment. … alcohol and drug … residential rehab for teens .


Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. … chronicles a group of people as they’re treated for alcohol and drug addiction by Dr. Drew Pinsky .



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GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER OF HEALTH CARE — The END GAME For Marxist Obama & The Communist Democrats!!


WAKE UP AMERICA to the Obama smoke & mirrors! HEALTH CARE is the only thing they’re REALLY fight for because it’s A MEANS TO AN END. Washington DC.

Drug Rehab in California – Owner speaks in video Kory’s Testimonial


Kory Avarell describes the transformation of addicts who enter his 30 day rehab programs – accepting PPO insurance Aetna BCBS United Healthcare and more.



United Health Services – Medical Rehabilitation – Allied Health Careers

Eating Disorders and Cross Addiction | Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women


http://www.SafeHarborHouse.com Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is nationally recognized as the premier Women’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facility.


How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost — Health Insurance Will Pay Drug Rehab Cost


How much does drug rehab cost — Call (888) 548-3801 for help now if you or someone you love suffers from drug addiction, now is the time to utilize your PPO.

Drug Detox Las Vegas (855) YES-REHAB


Most successful and effective programs provide multiple services, to be used in combination with therapies, to achieve best results. Along with drug addiction, there are several mental health disorders that  often associated with addictions.

Addiction Treatment Las Vegas (702) 605-1991


http://vegas1991.treatmentcenterpage.com/ Find help 24/7 by saying calling (855) YES-REHAB The largest directory of Addiction Hotline “http://theaddictionhotline.org