Do you accept my insurance?

Insurance Accepted

Insurance companies are there to help when you need it most, and in some cases, when you least expect it. The insurance specialists at The Addiction Hotline are the best in the business and have several years experience working with insurance providers. An insurance company’s main focus is to find you the cheapest local option available and not necessarily the best solution possible for your needs. With a simple call to  an insurance specialist will work on your behalf to determine how much, if any, your medical insurance provider will pay for substance abuse treatment or mental health treatment.

We can work with and accept most insurance policies (PPO)

Rehab Insurance exceptions

We can work with and accept most insurance policies (PPO) with the exception of coverage provided through a health plan or program sponsored by, or affiliated with, the federal government, or any state or local government entity such as Medicare, Medicaid, or Medi-Cal.

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