Does Blue Cross cover rehab?

Helping You Navigate Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Policy

Does Blue Cross cover rehab
Does Blue Cross cover rehab

A high number of rehabilitation facilities across the country accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance for all types of substance abuse treatment services.

While we help people nationwide with many different types of Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, here are a few providers we particularly have a lot of history with:

  • Premera Blue Cross of Washington
  • Empire BCBS of New York
  • Horizon BCBS of New Jersey
  • Massachusetts BCBS
  • Illinois BCBS

Blue Cross Blue Shield is accepted in all 50 states and covers more than 100 million Americans. As a network, BCBS is made up of more than 35 independent and locally operated agencies, all of which help policyholders navigate state laws regarding health care. More than 96 percent of hospitals and 92 percent of health care providers work directly with a BCBS agency.

If you are covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, then you should have several options for a successful and healthy recovery from addiction.

Addiction Prevention Tools and Resources with a BlueCross BlueShield Policy

BlueCross BlueShield also has several different resources that can help you identify or find help for substance abuse problems. The company, most recently, has created a prescription pain medication safety program that can help individuals who may be at risk of drug addictions, by reducing them. The platform specifically was designed for painkillers containing narcotic opioids like Vicodin and Percocet.

The application provides members and members’ family members with 24/7 support. The mobile platform called OneHealthis sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield. In it contains the education and tools needed to help recover from substance abuse.

Policy Coverage for Substance Abuse with BlueCross BlueShield Insurance

Depending on your location, BlueCross BlueShield offers different plans. Common plans are the bronze, silver, gold or platinum level. The Bronze Plan is the lowest in coverage, along with the lowest monthly premium and highest deductibles. The higher-level plans such as the Platinum or Gold have a higher cost and provide more comprehensive coverage with lower deductibles.

If the policy is a Federal Employee Program policy, it usually consists of two plan options, either the basic option or the standard option. The basic Federal employee plan option requires individuals to use providers within a preferred network, while the standard plan allows its members to choose between preferred and non-preferred providers (also known as PPO).

Policyholders may be responsible for the difference in cost between the plan allowance and the actual billed amount by the provider if an out-of-network or non-preferred provider was used.

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