Fentanyl shipment from China: Pam Bondi Seized in Mexico- She is wiped out

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends” that authorities seized enough fentanyl to “wipe out a small state” in a recent bust, calling on China to “get their act together” to stop the flow of the lethal opioid.

“The president and I have talked about this on multiple occasions, these drugs flowing into our country… from China,” she said. “This shipment was intercepted… in Mexico. Fentanyl is 50 to 70 times more powerful than heroin… it just takes a few grains to kill you. This massive shipment really could have wiped out a small state in our country.”

“Thank goodness for the Mexican authorities and President Trump for dealing with the Mexicans on this and President XI — they need to get their act together,” Bondi added. “Not only are they funneling it through Mexico, but they’re also sending it directly into our country. And I witnessed that firsthand when I was attorney general.”

Fentanyl overdoses have spiked from 2,000 in 2007, to 32,000 in 2018, due in part to drug dealers using the powerful narcotic to boost the effects of heroin and other drugs.

“What these creative drug dealers are doing — they are lacing [other drugs],” Bondi said. “So it only takes a few grains of fentanyl to kill you.”

“What parents need to know is they’re sending it — China, directly to the U.S., or they’re sending it through Mexico and putting it in a pill form,” she added. “If someone tries to give you… a Tylenol and you do not know them, don’t take it. Don’t take Adderall, Xanax… because they’re often laced with fentanyl. In Florida alone, five young men dropped dead in three days. They thought they were buying either a Xanax or an Adderall pill and it was laced with just a few grains of Fentanyl.”

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