How can you refuse alcohol?

How to say No to more alcohol?

How can you refuse alcohol? how can you just say no to another drink?

Even though you are committed to changing your drinking social pressure to drink from friends and others can make it hard for you to cut back or quit you first must recognize the two types of pressures when you’re in the social scene and people are drinking the first step is to become aware of the two different types of social pressure to drink alcohol direct and indirect direct social pressure is when someone offers you a drink or the opportunity to drink hey would you like a drink come on let’s celebrate the second one is indirect social pressure this is when you feel tempted to drink just by being around others who are drinking even if no one offers you a drink I know some of these triggers could happen when you just smell alcohol you hear the music and remember these are triggers but you have to stay strong.


There are some examples of social pressure direct or indirect.

Take a moment to think about situations where you feel the director in direct pressure to drink or not to drink you can write down previous situations that you’ve encountered and how you would handle them if they were to rise again .

Here are some examples :

  1. You’re at a local bar there is an open bar stool people are drinking there is a game on you go there and you say I’m going to have one drink then there’s free food your favorite team is winning your drink is now empty what do you do?
  2.  You’re over at a friend’s house everyone’s drinking that run smoking weed they offer you a beer you take it you’re watching a game could be a sports game could be the Price Is Right you could be watching American Idol America’s Got Talent anyting now the beer is gone they asked if you’d like another one the simple answer is yes or know if you say no then what happens you want it it’s a trigger point do you say I would like some Coca-Cola water orange juice or anyting but a non-alcoholic try that once even if you want another drink you can always get it after this one medically speaking if you have something other than alcohol it helps spread out the alcohol poisoning to your blood.
  3.  here is the last example so you’re not at a local bar and you’re not at your friend’s house you are at a stadium you’re at a concert you’re at a public place that you’re not familiar with everyone is drinking everyone’s having a good time you do not want to be that person not having a good time so what are you do the vendor comes around says hey do you want to drink I have these beers I’ll have a beer if you want to blend in great Sun City travel baseball game it’s hot dogs fear everyone wants to have fun fact I would have one right now just to let you know I don’t drink anymore. you can elect to take that first beer or drink or just say no. Make sure to have something to replace it

That’s it for more help or suggestions let me know


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