How do you say no to drugs?

Ways to say “no” to drugs:

  1. Are you thinking about using drugs?
  2. What can you say if you’re offered drugs?
  3. More tips for staying away from drugs


Are you thinking about using drugs?

If you’re considering using drugs, it can help to think about why you’d do it. Some teens use drugs to feel grown up or to rebel against their parents. Maybe they think drugs will help them fit in or be cool. Some hope it will help them do better in school or deal with stress. Some use drugs to feel good or have more fun at a party or club. But the truth is that there are much better ways to do all these things.

Check out these ideas for creating a healthy — and fun — life.

  • Looking for a challenge? Try rock climbing, hiking, skiing, or some other cool activity.
  • Want to connect with other kids? Join a team or club. Maybe even start your own club.
  • Want to relax? Watch a movie, read a book, play with a pet, or soak in a tub.
  • Feeling stressed? Go out and exercise or check in with your friends.

What can you say if you’re offered drugs?

You know that drugs can cause terrible problems. Now what? Sometimes the hardest part is saying “no” to someone who offers you drugs. It takes courage, but you can do it! Actually, most teens have made the decision not to use drugs. If you’re put on the spot, you can feel like you have no clue what to say. If you plan ahead, it’ll be lots easier to stay strong.

More tips for staying away from drugs

It can be hard to deal with pressure to try drugs. Chances are, though, that you’ll wind up feeling better about yourself if you do what you think is right for you. If the pressure to try drugs is getting to you, here are some suggestions that can help:

  • If you find yourself in a problem situation, make an excuse to leave.
  • Ask for support from other friends or adults if someone is really pressuring you to use drugs.
  • Make new friends who respect your decision not to use drugs.
  • Go to events that don’t involve drugs. Don’t put yourself in an unsafe or difficult situation.
  • If you do go to a party where there may be drugs, never put your drink down and come back for it. Someone could put drugs into it without your knowing.

Remember, your body and your future belong to you. Don’t let anyone talk you into doing something that could hurt them.

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