How long does rehab last?

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How long does rehab is a really good question to ask Because depending on the answer you need to go to either an Inpatient Rehab program that either interrupt your life for 30 to 90 days it allows people to speculate on what’s Happening especially your husband your wife your kids your boss or coworkers basically you have to admit to everyone that you’re having a problem.


so if you do not want to admit that you’re having a problem and you want to take care of it quietly you could go to an AA meeting and see if that works you can look up AA meetings and see where one is located next to you and then see if this is something that will help now if this doesn’t help then the next option would be to go to an outpatient facility treatment depending if you have a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction you may find different solutions in your area or maybe they’re not in your area and then that would limit you to what is in your area such as an inpatient treatment no Outpatient Treatment does cost and some of these outpatient addiction treatment centers will take your insurance rather you have an HMO insurance or PPO insurance so these are things to find out now I know this is a lot to ask because you’re going through a crisis here maybe a loved one can help husband wife partner it’s really up to you


so how long does rehab last, how long do you want it to last how much do you feel that you are addicted to drugs or alcohol if it’s alcohol maybe you can just cut back have you tried that? perhaps it’s drugs marijuana heroin opiate addiction more serious problem if you have opiate addiction because you are prescription drug addiction and a lot of people going to ask what’s going on so that depends on how long it’s going to last could be an inpatient which is probably 30 days at best to 90 days and vests so I know hindsight is 20/20 and this may make you a little upset but a lot of people that are on pain relievers have an opiate addiction and this isn’t as embarrassing as in heroin addiction but the heroin addiction comes after the opiate addiction So the faster you catch the addiction or the symptoms of the addiction the better you could be if you have a painkiller addiction people are more understanding about that especially your job especially your loved ones you know what something happened to you you broke a leg you hurt something you wish you had an operation and you needed painkillers their opiate painkillers and they are addicting fentanyl that’s addicting so being honest with yourself quicker depends on how long it’s going to last thank you for your time and I hope this helps

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