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5 Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Missouri

According to the Missouri Department of Mental Health, almost nine percent of residents within the state admits to struggling with substance abuse. Thankfully, help is available with several drug and alcohol rehab centers in Missouri.

The Top Five Missouri Rehab Centers

Out of the numerous options for drug or alcohol rehab programs in Missouri, a few stand out above the rest. Here are five of the best:

1. Harris House Foundation, St. Louis

The Harris House provides a 28-day inpatient treatment program, followed by two traditional housing opportunities to help those struggling with addiction move forward. There is also a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient program.

2. Valley Hope Association, Boonville

Valley Hope is located on an eight-acre campus with semi-private housing. It also offers specially tailored lengths of stay, plus detoxification, residential, and continuing family care services.

3. Burrell Behavioral Health, Springfield

This CARF accredited service provider has been running since 1977 and provides not only drug and rehab services, but also specializes in mental health services for both families and individuals.

4. Gibson Recovery Center, Perryville

Gibson Recovery Center offers a number of residential treatment and social setting detoxification services. Additionally, there are services for outpatient treatment while also working with the drug court and the Department of Corrections.

5. Bridgeway Behavioral Health, St. Charles

In addition to a number of alcohol and drug rehab services, Bridgeway Behavioral Health offers gender-specific residential housing opportunities for men and women. Other programs include detox, outpatient treatment, and a sober-living community.



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Missouri Substance Abuse Statistics

A substantial portion of Missouri’s population struggles with substance abuse. Important Missouri substance abuse statistics to consider include:

  • Alcohol-related abuse makes up over a third of all Missouri’s state-funded treatment admissions, or 37 percent.
  • Alcohol contributes to over 20,000 ER visits in the state each year, while 12,000 visits are due to other drugs of abuse.
  • Both heroin and prescription drug use is on the rise. Heroin accounted for 6,000 substance abuse treatment admissions while prescription drugs accounted for 1,200 admissions.
  • In 2016, over 900 people died from an opioid-related overdose.

Choosing The Right Rehab Program In Missouri

Finding the right rehab program is critical for setting the groundwork towards long-lasting recovery. When choosing a rehab program in Missouri, there are a few specifics to keep in mind, including:

  • Accreditation: Top accreditations come from CARF, the state of Missouri, and the Joint Commission. In order to achieve these accreditations, a rehab center must abide by strict established standards. Accreditation establishes a level of credibility with the organization.
  • Evidence-based Approaches: This is where a rehab center uses methods of treatment that have been studied and scientifically proven to be effective for treating addiction.
  • Length/Location: The length of time someone stays in treatment will vary and be based on individual needs. Programs can last between 30 days and a year or longer. Location matters as well. Does the person need to be close to family or r is it better to be further away? Sometimes the best option is to travel.
  • Aftercare and Alumni Services: Some rehab centers offer aftercare services following treatment. Services may include outpatient counseling, support groups like AA or NA, and sober-living communities.
  • Payment: Many rehab centers accept insurance, but it depends on the individual plan. Check with the insurance provider to find out if drug or alcohol rehab services are covered. Other ways to pay include private pay, scholarships, and crowdsourcing.

Missouri Drug And Alcohol Rehab Services

There are a number of different rehab services available for the treatment of addiction. The right program addresses the unique issues facing the individual and is likely determined by an individual assessment. Consider the following services and programs:

  • Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs: Detox programs provide medical supervision and support to help manage withdrawal symptoms. While detox programs do not treat addiction, they help prepare people for additional treatment.
  • Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT): Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is the use of FDA-approved medications to treat addictions to alcohol or opioids. MAT is always combined with therapy and helps lessen dependence and reduce cravings.
  • Behavioral Therapy: Behavioral therapy helps a patient understand triggers, develop coping skills, and change attitudes towards drugs and alcohol. Common therapies include motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis): Many times a person struggles with both addiction and another mental health condition like depression or anxiety. In order to treat one disorder, it’s necessary to treat the other at the same time.

Finding Addiction Treatment

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction is difficult for any parent, spouse, or close friend. With a number of drug and alcohol addiction programs available throughout the state, there is hope for recovery and a new life. If there isn’t a good option for the person in Missouri, consider traveling out-of-state to best meet their needs.