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Drug testing can be performed by several different ways, by taking a small sample or specimen of the following: fingernails, saliva, blood, urine or hair. For blood sample, the small amount of blood drawn from your vein in your arm, and sent to the lab there after. For urine test, an individual asked to urinate in the small container provided to him. In some, more restricting situations, the urine sample may be collected in the presence of nurse or lab specialists, to make sure the sample came from the same person. For hair sample, the technician may take several strands of hair, and send it to the lab.

The accuracy of a drug testing may be safe and dependable, provided that all testing procedures are done properly.

The drug testing is designed to check for illegal drug use by employees, usually prior to starting the employment . In some instances, the drug testing may be done randomly after hire. In other purposes, drug testing is performed to identify possible or intentional overdose or poisonings, to monitor compliance with drug rehab program, and to verify the presence or absence of drugs for medical and legal purposes.