What are Blue Cross Blue Shield plans?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Coverage
Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Coverage

Often times, the decision to get help for substance abuse or alcohol treatment is the first step.  Unfortunately the inability to pay for an expensive drug rehab is a barrier that many people cannot overcome.  As a trusted and experienced drug treatment health care provider, Beachway Therapy Center, has helped thousands of people take that first step while utilizing their own health insurance to offset the financial burden.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the largest insurers in the United States and we are pleased to be able to work with their subscribers to offer our innovative and nationally recognized treatment program.


About Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross was established over 80 years ago, and today Blue Cross Blue Shield is an association of 36 insurance providers that offer personalized healthcare coverage to over 100 million Americans in every state. Their motto is Live Fearless because they want their members to enjoy life to the fullest, without having to worry about what might happen tomorrow. That’s why Blue Cross Blue Shield works closely with doctors, healthcare providers, and hospitals to provide a wide range of affordable coverage options, including for drug and alcohol rehab. Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the largest insurers in the state, and over 90 percent of doctors and hospitals work with this provider, including Beachway Therapy Center.

An important note about Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage: Before Blue Cross Blue Shield will provide coverage for drug or alcohol addiction, you will have to undergo a pre-certification process. While you may still be eligible for coverage if you skip the pre-certification, you’ll have to pay a $500 fee.

At Beachway, you will be able to work with your case manager to help navigate some of the choices available.

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